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ghosts and hauntings

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answer these questions

~♥1.) do you believe in paranormal phenomena?

~♥2.) are you interested in talking with other people about your experiences?

~♥3.) have you had a weird experience in your house that you would like to discuss?

~♥if you answered yes to any of these questions you can join and you will be accepted!♥~


~1. no talking off of the subject please!♥
~2. no pictures unless they are of ghosts or paranormal related topics. (please put them under an lj cut!)♥
~3. don’t act like an obnoxious know it all. And please no being rude or a smartass, if you don’t like this community then get the hell off of it!!!!♥
~4. don’t tell the story if it isn’t true please. If it is about somebody else and you have proof that it is true then I guess you can tell it. But please no bullshit that you found on the net!!!♥

~♥*thanks for following these simple rules and have fun talking about experiences!*~♥