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Okay you guys if you live in America then you only have three days to wait! XD

So this is a Mod post so I am HOPING that people will reply to this =)

We only have THREE days till the release of Harry Potter. What are y'all doing to get ready? Anyone going to all the major sites and RE-looking at all the pictures? Somone getting their outfit ready cause they are cosplaying? Anyone just about to kill over with joy?

What I am doing-
As your mod I am one of the BIGGEST Harry Potter fans out there (don't believe me ask me). Anyways for this Friday (right now I am looking up tickets) I am going to dress as an H/D lover. I am making the shirt sometime this week to keep me occupated and calm.
Shirts read-
"I'd Rather Be" (fill in the rest) Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy
"I LOVE" (fill in the rest) Watching Harry Potter

Sounds fun?
Well let me know what y'all are doing. I want to know what some of my people here are doing? Oh and if you can post pictures! They are always LOVE!

blake lewis : you only wish
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New Theme Time

Okay it has been two weeks and I do think that it is MY turn to change the theme! YES!

I know that SOME people here do like Harry Potter and I am ONE OF THE ULTIMATE fans of it. So I wanted to give it some LOVE this week.

Yes, only this week cause Friday it is coming out and we only are gonna have a week of this theme.

Harry Potter is our NEW Theme.

Post anything that you think relates to that =D
Have Fun