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blake lewis : you only wish


I know that there has to be MORE than 9 people in this guild who can vote! Omgosh! I am going to extend this contest for a little bit longer.

Even though you did not enter I know there is something inside of you that wants to enter a vote for which one you think did the best.

To the lovely people who did vote....thank you for reading the paragraph or so at the top......

It asks of you to vote for your favorite THREE entries in POETRY. If you could go back and do that I would really appreciate it. That also goes for people who might be making it over there for the first time. =)

Linkage to VOTING:

Toodles you guys!

Oh and I am going to be gone for a while cause I am grounded from the net. When the contest ends I will be back on so don't worry.

Love Donna (has other icons that the community MOD one =D)