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Predjudice Against *Pretty* People
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Some basics

This isn't your basic Livejournal community, as I am sure you can tell.

This is a themed community.

Every few weeks we will come up with a random theme, and your posts must relate to that theme.

Our current theme is Books & Authors. Now, you may think this limits a lot of posts, on the contrary.

As long as your post is related to the theme then it is acceptable.
You can post poetry, fan-fics, drawings, songs, pictures, FMV, quotes, stories, life experiences, or even just share your opinion on the theme...basically ANYTHING that is related in some way, be it the smallest way you can think of, to the theme for those two weeks.

Let me just say this...you may think you're the shit, but I don't want to see any part of your naked body. It's not that kind of a community. I understand that some fan art can get pretty hot. ^_^, but please...at least warn us that it's not work safe before hand. This is not a porn site, I'd like to keep it that way.

The Mods

Love: HP, Slash, Friends, Family, Boys, hugging, taking pictures, being YOUR MOD.
Hate:hehe uhm PRETTY people....
Yahoo ID:dorybug009
E-mail:any of the 3 above

Name: Jenna
Age: 16
Location: Michigan
Love: Friends, Music, Family, and Boys. ^_^.
Hate: Drama.
AIM: like omfgzz
Yahoo ID: Like_omfgzz
MSN: none
E-mail: Like_omfgzz@yahoo.com


1.) Before you do anything in the community (advertising & things of that nature) please contact one of the mods and tell us that you are going to do this. We would like to see the community, site, ANYTHING that you are advertising for.
2.) Always be NICE & COURTEOUS to other people in the community or you will be banned for 2 weeks.
3.) PLEASE try and post something in the themes that we have. We like to read different things, see pictures, or ANYTHING!
4.) Have a good time!
5.) These rules might be added to at ANY TIME! (Either mod may do this)


We are by no means a rating community.
We would just like to get to know our members.
Just be yourself and don't worry about being rejected, 'cause that won't happen.
It's also not really required, but its still nice to get to know you a little.

Just copy and paste this (Fill it out of course)


The User Info and layout was made by the lovely lost_inthe_well
But it was thought up by the gorgeous dory009

stealing ANY of it will make baby Jesus cry.
so just don't do it.