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Anybody else a Robin McKinley fan?  I adore everything I've read that she's written.  Right now, my favorite book by her is Spindle's End.
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Today is my birthday!

But to be on topic....

I just got done reading Eldest recently and I loved it. :)
But now I have no books to read.
So could I get some requests of you guys' favorite books?


Care less

School books!

Seeing as the theme is still technically books & authors, I thought I'd bring up *dundundun* books for school!

The worst book I ever read for school was... I can't remember what it was called, but it was about a boy who dug up a giant whale skeleton in his backyard.  I hated that book.

But on the other side of things, right now I'm reading Dracula for school– really, really amazing!  Of course, I'm a vampire aficianado, so
it's the kind of thing I would read outside of school.  (I get to bring up all the random vampire lore during class discussions.  It's pretty fun.)

Other best/worsts from school reading?
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I decided to post a couple of my own poems here. so here you go.


They're both old...the second one's over a year old. But they're the first I thought of. So here you go. Reply..and don't be too evil.
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I haven't been on in a LONG TIME... if you could let me know what is going on around here and what you've been writing about, i will love you forever!!!!
<3 Jessica
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I've finished reading Eragon and Eldest, books 1 & 2 of the Inheritance series respictively. I really admire the author, cuz he wrote Eragon when he wuz only a mere 15 years of age. That's real talent, that is.

Eldest is thicker than Eragon, with more battle scenes. But it's kinda long-winded and a lil boring between the middle and the end. But still, Christopher Paolini's (the author) book is a success. It has, as most of you may know, been made into a movie. Although, personally, i think the novel is better. Cuz there're many parts where the director chose not to film. That wuz rather disappointing cuz most of those parts were important, eg. ... ok, i shall not b a spoiler. Go read the book yourself if you really wanna.

Book 3, the final book of the Inheritance trilogy is coming out soon. I guess maybe next year. And the author said on his website that it's the thickest of the 3 bks. Pls, pls dun let it disappoint me...
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