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Name : Lexi

Age : 16

Location (doesn't have to be specific): Sydney, Australia. And no, I don't live near a beach and go surfing every other day. ;)

Hobbies : Reading, writing, dancing, singing, watching sci-fi, drama, comedy on tv or at the movies. Surfing the net. Lj-ing.

Loves : Chocolate. People who can handle complexity. Self love. Fandom. The ability to laugh at ones self. :)

Hates : Overly religious people (sorry, but I don't need to be preached at for having a different opinion).

Favorite color : greenyblue, emerald green, blood red, royal purple, golden, lime green... oh hell, I like all colors. except beige.

Favorite band/s or singer/s : Something for kate, muse, killing heidi, metric, the decemberists, vienna teng.

Something unique about yourself : Erm... I can see music. When played, I can hear/see the 'shape' of the notes that are played. So violins look like one big connected zigzag and drums are like shock waves radiating out.

Description : Dark brown hair, shoulder length and kind of wavy. Brown eyes. About 5'9 and my skin is very pale.

How you heard about _papp? : I actually cant remember...

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