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Name : Zheex

Age : 16

Location(doesn't have to be specific): Singapore

: Reading, Badminton, Cycling, Ballet

Web Design, Dance, Clothes/Shopping, Literature, Music

Hates : (uhm... I dont hate much. :D plus i cant think of something at this moment :x)

Favorite color: No preference :D

Favorite band/s or singer/s : Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Fergie

 Something unique about yourself: Well, my friends like to pick on me cause they say I look confused and blur. ( Which of course, I feel is bullshit. But apparently, everyone feels this way)

hah! im sorry, i am pretty boring.


My sis and I!
I'm obviously the one on the right.

sorry, I dont have a better, more recent picture. This was taken in December and I know! I dont look my age! :(

How you heard about _papp?
: Through typing: Fall Out Boy in LJ search engine... :/
( ohkay, I know that sounds weird hehe)

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