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Newbiness and Books!

Name: Hannah Rebekah

Age: 15 (16 in April)

 Location (doesn't have to be specific): Yorkshire, England.

Hobbies: Photography, drawing, reading, singing badly and out of tune XD

Loves: My Tokidoki ipod cover hehe!

Hates: Hypocrites.

Favorite color: Green.

Favorite band/s or singer/s: Argh I have to many! Erm... well my top five songs on my ipod are:
5) Here (In your arms) - Hellogoodbye
4) Don't speak - No Doubt
3) Eyes on me - Faye Wong
2) Chop suey - System of a Down
1) I don't want to miss a thing - Aerosmith <3

Something unique about yourself :(be creative!) Well I'm a total geek for manga, old school video games and anime. In fact I think I found this site when I typed in Final Fantasy *blush*

Description: (pictures are nice, but not required)

How you heard about <lj comm="_papp">? : Found it when I was being a geek XD

At the moment I'm re-reading the "Fushigi Yugi" manga series, but seeing as it's mainly drawings I guess you can hardly call it reading. The last conventional book I read was "The Amber Spyglass" which I was, again, re-reading. I love Philip Pullman's books, I want me a daemon!! As you can tell  I like re-reading books, I think I read "Peter Pan" every year now to be honest. I like re-reading books, it's like visiting and old friends (argh I sound like an old woman!) When I've asked my friends and family though it seems that girls only like to read things more than once, guys seem to hold the opinion that there's too little time to read every book in the world just once - why waste time reading something you already know the end to. Is this true of you and your friends? 
Ooo and one last thing, I've only just started this journal, (I had one ages ago) and I have no friends *sob* Adds would be returned and GREATLY appreciated. 
Much love!!

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