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woah, hello unused music based journal.

im still musical, just not that much, and nothing to write about.

work in progress at the moment has been halted, as i try to do a cover of 'bad moon rising'. current status? dreadful!

at least the websites looking more professional:


Team Panic: Open Invite.

Hello people;

first of all, thanks for the interest in reading this :)

second of all, most of you will know i have a dormant music project I’ve been wanting to start up again for ages now. so I’ve decided that the best way for me to get my arse off the ground on it all is to gather names and faces of those who might be interested in either:

a) contributing towards it
b) finding out more, and then maybe doing something towards contributing
c) helping start up / design a website

and anyone can show support, or just show you care by looking / adding / sharing the current myspace:


Now Is Not The Time To Panic (formally Panic! Panic!), is not looking to limit who they can invite and not invite, hence the open invitation. they will, however, not be taking any old riff raff. so, if you're a musician, based within the UK (hopefully, and ideally in Scotland) and you don’t mind the immediate lack of plans and goals, just willing to contribute and see where that takes it all, then fabulous :) doesn’t matter if you're in a band or not, doesn’t even matter if you've never been in a band, message Andy and have a chat with him. you can email him at panicpanic@gmail.com or there are other ways to contact him, such as post a message or a comment on either his, or the bands myspace. or just go looking for him in the west end of glasgow.

musicians we're looking for? just about everything. including the usual plinky plonky instruments such as: guitarists, bassists, percussionists, keyboardists, violinist/violist and other stringed instruments, someone who owns a Theremin, and wouldn’t mind selling it to me, or letting me borrow it, and, er... just about anything that sounds fucking brilliant. i think that’s just about every single instrument i could have named. heh. No singing, no lead vocalists, no bagpipes, etc etc.

what’s more important is that you have a similar taste in music. it'll be daft to reply if you weren't.

thank you, team panic loves you, and hopes to hear from you soon.

p.s. tell a friend, and add the myspace :)


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im enjoying writing stuff again. drawing, doodling songs down, words, lyrics, titles, anything. excitable, new, different, fascinating. all purely out of boredom.

ive pretty much set out a name change too. i dunno whether to confirm it or not, but 'now is not the time to panic' is what seems to have stuck so far.

the new website is being started. going well. going to have a host, and the mp3 interview that im keen to do will be shoved on, AS SOON as i have a song or two to share. not that far away.

although, im tempted to delete it, and just wait till i have musicians to help me out. of which, i shall convince some people soon.

oh my, its all go!

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some of you might have to re-add


as myspace deleted the original, because of a picture that questioned the integrity of President GWB. i do not apologise, however, ive paid for it by having the bands profile deleted. along with every single bit of information that was within it.

however, its back. and it'll be much bigger, and much better.

panic! panic! loves you all, and always have xxx

p.s. ill post the picture if you all want to see it :)
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explosions in the sky

godspeed you! black emperor

up+c, down+c, left+c, right+c, abc + start

sigur rós



the abum leaf

yndi halda


i know you've heard most, if not all of those, but check out the ones you havent. and sorry for linking some of the same old same old bands, but im using the link for another site, and was merely testing if it worked here

all 9 of those are currently occupying the top 9 (yes, 9, ive edited) friends on the p!p! myspace. which can be found here:

panic! panic!

no music yet. sigh :(