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_pamanderson's Journal

pam anderson
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this is soon to be the largest community dedicated to pamela anderson on livejournal. other that the rules posted below & having common courtesy, we're pretty relaxed here. we just wanna love pammy & post pictures & news & all that jazz. so please join & have a good time ♥ !
moderator : maribethanne

1. NO PROMOTING OTHER COMMUNITIES unless it has some relation to pam OR i say it's alright.
2. put all not work safe & all images 450 pixels & over under a cut. & please make it very clear that the non work safe images are just that.
3. no spamming, flaming or drama.
4. be nice to everyone !
5. you are allowed to post graphix. but if they're large or there is a lot of them, please place them under a cut.
6. please keep all posts FRIENDS ONLY. we don't need people who don't like her ragging on her here !


contact me at maribeth.horovitz@gmail.com !


please upload to your own server !

ALL GRAPHIX MADE BY maribethanne.