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pam anderson

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22 icons [ Friday,
September 7th - 10:47 am

[01] Pamela Anderson
[01] Pam & Tommy

[10] Vanessa Paradis
[03] Johnny Depp
[07] Mötley Crüe

dès que j'te vois.. )
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Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Community! [ Thursday,
December 1st - 7:23 pm


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Stacked Scripts [ Saturday,
September 10th - 3:58 pm

[ mood | desperate ]

hey guys - i reeally need your help. i need a script from an episode, or a scene of a sitcom for this acting/modeling competition im doing, and i reeally want to do stacked, but i cant find any scripts for it anywhere.
if you guys know where i can find one that would be awesome. but if not, would someone that has it on tape or remembers it be awesome enough to type out the scene in one of the first episodes where pam is talking about like 2 guys at a bar hitting on her, one is drunk and licking her face...that scene, for me?? if someone wouldnt mind doing that i seriously will be in love with you.

okay thank you guys so so so much!!


[ Tuesday,
August 2nd - 2:30 am
Anyone else excited about Pam's roast on Comedy Central?
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Hey [ Monday,
July 25th - 9:00 pm

[ mood | okay ]

Hey Everyone,
I recently joined this community..i love Pamela Anderson so i thought it would be cool to meet some people that love her too!!

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[ Friday,
June 24th - 10:34 pm

join to love pammy !

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