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In the Midst of this Moonlight,As the Full Moon Shines... [entries|friends|calendar]
:+:Moonlight & Magick:+:

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[20 Jul 2005|01:02am]

I am not sure as to if any others in my area have experienced this sensation, but I feel something substantial is coming our way. I can only slightly peel back the viel that is shrouding my view of this oncoming event, and I feel in a way it is going to be very catastrophic. Sometimes I merely get these feelings when something horrible will come to be in my life, other times however, I tend to leans towards clairvoyancy... I've practiced many magicks which pretained to widening my minds eye, opening my sixth charka; The Third Eye. I cannot say that I have accomplished completely becoming attuned with the energies that flow around me, but I can say that I am aware of them. Sometimes my personality reflects the "vibes" that I am sensing, from other people, animals, weather, or Spirit. The "whispers", as I call them, I find myself often not being able to actually make out the words and being driven merely by the emotion assosiated with the energy/entity. -- The point, as I have lost track of I see, was to ask a question; has anyone other than myself felt a strong and slightly sudden pulsation of energy? Does anyone else feel that something either extrememly postive or extrememly negative is soon to take place?

Not trying to predict, merely trying to clear a fog from an obscured sensation.

~Love is law, love under will~
Many bright blessings, so blessed be!


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[18 Jul 2005|12:21am]

1. What's your magickal if you have one,and/or what would you like to be called?
2. What type of theistic structure do you follow? God and/or Goddess, gods, or some form
of everything/all is god?
God and Goddess for they have many faces
3. Have you ever felt his/her/its/their presence directly?
Yes, when they have joined me
4. How and where do you pray to or honor him/her/it/them?
Anywhere, my car, my house, my space, as long as I feel I need them
5. Name one of your goals within the next year that pertains to your spiritual path.
I wish to increas my knowlage of casting
6. What is your most enjoyable part of your spirituality?
Being home, finding that I do belong somewhere.
7. Do you belief in any sort of karma and reincarnation?
Yes to both, the law of 3 is strong in my life
8. What are your thoughts on what happens after you die?
I will meet all in the summer land and come back to guide those I need to if needed
9. What do you feel are some of the "wrong" reasons that people tend to learn towards the
pagan faith? (sex, drugs etc)
I dont understand quiet what you want here, So I am going to pass on this answer.
10. How did you first discover witchcraft, and what made you decide to follow that path?
My english teacher and Boyfriend when I was 15ish
11. Other than all these questions,is there anyyything you'd like to say or add? :D
It is nice of you to ask me to join, I thank you for the inventation, and *random hugs* to all Who need them :)

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Today is such a good day...how about for you all?:) [17 Jul 2005|08:31pm]

[ mood | :D ]

Hell0ow everyone,I hope you're all doin well.I appreciate the few that have joined and are beginning to take part on here.I will post shortly,but just figured I'd add this to say I hope you keep passing the word on that there is a Newnan pagan lj community...and all that good stuff.:D Speak to u all soon,Blessed Be:) Annnnd *Mwahh* *hops up and down* This nerd is off to continue reading HP.:P

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Merry met! [17 Jul 2005|07:43pm]

"There's a LJ community with Newnan Pagans..."

This message I received only a few moments ago, I am so very pleased to see the Pagan community is growing in our area. I myself have been a practioner of magick now for nearly twelve years, although it has only been within the last three years that I have expanded my enlightenment to other areas of the craft other than paganism. I can no longer lable myself to one religion that practices magick, I can only call myself a witch. At this moment I am working on gathering friends of mine who practice magick, and in a sense I hope to form a coven. I am a little scatter-brained at the moment so I guess I will leave my introduction at that.

I am so delighted to see this group here.


Blessed be!

My birth name is Michael, though my craft name is Shade Fire.

Aries - Fire
19 years of age

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[17 Jul 2005|06:19pm]

Hello, my name is Christopher.
This community is based in my area, and I found it via Search.
I have a few friends in the area who would be delighted that there is a community here.

I don't have much to say right now, so I'm leaving it at that.

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Greeting and tidings to all! ;D [14 Jul 2005|08:07pm]

I am excited to join this group and welcome all others who shall follow. I have been studying for over a decade and work closely with my fiancee *Serraphin*. She has a lot of spirit and I hope you will all get to know the great person she is! I've been a pagan reverend for 4 years, and if anyone has any questions I would be more than glad to answer them. I have a deep faith in my religion and would love to help in any way strengthen yours. I will also be posting pieces of knowledge every now and then. I hope you enjoy them and can make them useful in your education. Bright blessings!

Reverend Kakarasa A'Jadia

"People that eat blowfish are stupid.
People that do not eat blowfish are also stupid."
--Japanese proverb

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[14 Jul 2005|07:48pm]



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[13 Jul 2005|05:31am]

[ mood | *whoop whoop* ]

And here my friends....are some questions to fill out if you may.There's quite a few...it's not necessary to do them all if you're not up for it,kayy?:)...I hope you are though... :D


Questionaire?:) or something...Collapse )

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Hey Everyone!:) [13 Jul 2005|04:57am]

[ mood | Hopeful...and sleepppyy..:) ]

Well,Goodmorning to you all...seeing as it's 5 am and I still happen to be up.*Insomniac* :P I'd like to start off by saying welcome to the community and I'm glad you happened to come across it.I just finished making it,so I would see why you perhaps wouldn't want to join.Hopefully,with all of your guys' help,this will be an active community for us all to hang around in.:) *LJ Addict* :D So0o,I suppose it would be good to start off with everyone asking questions and letting us know about yourself.I hooopppe that's not too much to ask of.:D I'll be up and about once more later on after I get a nap in sometime today...I hope to the gods that you guys can have faith enough to be part of this new community.Sleep well everyone.
-Angelica aka *Serraphin*-

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