eternal spatula of the spotless dishwasher (frusciante) wrote in _pagantastic_,
eternal spatula of the spotless dishwasher

1. What's your magickal if you have one,and/or what would you like to be called? skylar amethyst phoenixia / sid
2. What type of theistic structure do you follow? God and/or Goddess, gods, or some form
of everything/all is god? Everything is indeed 'God'
3. Have you ever felt his/her/its/their presence directly? Yep
4. How and where do you pray to or honor him/her/it/them? Haven't in a while, usually I just talk out into space
5. Name one of your goals within the next year that pertains to your spiritual path. Ha, to improve myself mentally.
6. What is your most enjoyable part of your spirituality? Being part of it? Feeling accepted and not punished.
7. Do you belief in any sort of karma and reincarnation? I do.
8. What are your thoughts on what happens after you die? Whatever you believe will happen
9. What do you feel are some of the "wrong" reasons that people tend to learn towards the
pagan faith? (sex, drugs etc) To some people it's a fashion. No spirituality is a fashion.
10. How did you first discover witchcraft, and what made you decide to follow that path? lol, I actually first encountered witchcraft when I felt totally abandoned by the Christian/Catholic "God". It did a lot for me and helped me to open up more and enjoy life, to stand up for myself, so I stuck with it.
11. Other than all these questions,is there anyyything you'd like to say or add? Ummmm, Hi! :P
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