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from Millie at Books of Light

We have a really unusual program for you on the 20th of this month.
You are invited to AN EVENING WITH SAINT GERMAIN. Dr. Robert Burdette will be here to offer his healing “Clean Sweep Cleansing Procedure” for the total removal of all dark: contracts, agreements, promises, pledges, influences, emotions and conditioning made across all time. After the “Clean Sweep” he will channel Saint Germain. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from Saint Germain.

Dr. Burdette’s abilities came to him during his intense efforts to heal himself after the trauma of a tour in Vietnam. He began writing and it eventually turned into a book. Then a second one, and so on. As he called forward all of his suppressed experiences, the emotional numbness dissipated and his sensitivities were restored. He was blessed with a new and wonderful way of communicating. He became clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant. He began to heal himself and others.

Dr. Burdette served as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines from 1966 to 1970. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Cleveland College of Chiropractic, Sherman College of Chiropractic and Life Chiropractic College, passed the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and was licensed in Missouri and Georgia in 1980

We hope you will plan to attend this unusual and exciting evening. We will begin the evening at 7 PM. The cost is $40 and it is important that you call to reserve your seat since we have limited space. 770-304-8080

For the entire month of August all our incense and incense holders will be on sale at 30% off. Be sure to come by and pick up your favorite, or even to try something different. At this discount, how could you go wrong?

We will be having our next Reiki Circle on the first Saturday in August. That is the 6th, starting at 2 PM. We have a list of about 18 Reiki practitioners, and we hope all of them will get this message. If you are interested in this group Reiki experience, please let us know. (770-304-8080).

James Winterbower is still offering Yang Style T’ai Chi on Saturday mornings for an introductory price of $5.00 per lesson. We gather in the front yard at 11:00 AM and enjoy the beauty of nature, the grace of the movements, and the spirit of the philosophy. It is important to wear (layers) of comfortable clothing, and to bring your own bottle of water. Class lasts 1 hour. We hope to see more of you next Saturday.

Lisa Robinson will offer ION Cleanse again this month on the first Sunday, and that is the 7th of August. It will be offered from 1-6 P.M. This is a very good way to rid your body of some of the toxins we take on every day. Please call to make an appointment. $25

Tom Haywood is still holding Chakra Yoga classes. For August we will offer Chakra Yoga every Tuesday evening at 7 P.M., and every Sunday afternoon at 4 P.M. The price is still $10 for a drop in, or $32 for a block of 4 classes.

We have suspended the Sunday morning guided meditation for the months of July and August, and we will start back in September.

That is what is coming your way for the next few weeks. We hope there is something there that you will take advantage of and enjoy.


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