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1. What's your magickal if you have one,and/or what would you like to be called? White DreamWolf
2. What type of theistic structure do you follow? God and/or Goddess, gods, or some form of everything/all is god? um dont really understand but i believe in the Goddess and her consort
3. Have you ever felt his/her/its/their presence directly? once when i was just starting out
4. How and where do you pray to or honor him/her/it/them? my backyard or my best friends grandparents backyard, forest in theirs
5. Name on of your goals within the next year that pertains to your spiritual path. learn the basics of a new divination besides tarot
6. What is your most enjoyable part of your spirituality? feeling free of all physical responsibility of feeling free to be able to accomplish anything
7. Do you belief in any sort of karma and reincarnation? yes that we have all been reincarnated and it will continue til the end of time.
8. What are your thoughts on what happens after you die? that our spirits are 'recycled' for another generation and our bodies help the growth of the next generation in our death
9. What do you feel are some of the "wrong" reasons that people tend to learn towards the pagan faith? (sex, drugs etc) that paganism means sex like sex magic and thats all they care about is sex, people thinking that if you use the word wicca you mean Gardner even when you don't.
10. How did you first discover witchcraft, and what made you decide to follow that path? well my great-great grandmother was a witch and so its kinda like a family heirloom that you decide if you want to keep or disregard in my family
11. Other than all these questions,is there anyyything you'd like to say or add? um when i use the word wicca please dont jump to the conclusion that i happen to like Gardner b/c i dont its just easier for my family and i to say instead of paganism or druidism.
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