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This community is devoted to serious discussion and debate about pacifism. This is neither a pro- nor anti-pacifist community, but rather one dedicated to exploring the strengths, weaknesses, possibilities, limitations, complexities, ethics, applications, implications, and philosophical and religious underpinnings of pacifism. More generally, this community can be used to discuss any issues (philosophical, moral, ethical, etc.) regarding violence, nonviolence, the use of force, etc. on any level, large or small--from personal confrontations to international conflicts.

Pacifists and non-pacifists are equally welcome here, though keep in mind that a high level of civil, mature, respectful debate is expected. Flaming, trolling, name-calling, ad hominem attacks, and meanness and cruelty in general will not be tolerated. If you're looking for a place to ridicule pacifists, look elsewhere. Similarly, if you're a pacifist looking for a place where your views will not be challenged, look elsewhere. We want to maintain a rigorously intellectual and open-minded atmosphere.