0utrage0us__ (0utrage0us__) wrote in _p3rf3ction_,

1)Name: Nicole

2)Age: 17

3) Name your 2 favorite stores:  Topshop and River Island

4) Promote us to 2 places and provide the links:   www.livejournal.com/0utrage0us__/info

5) Why should you be in _p3rf3ction_: Because i'm honest and new to LJ and would like to make new friends

6) Five favorite bands: I'm not really into 'bands' so much. I love Justin Timberlake, Ashlee Simpson, Britney, Christina....all that kinda stuff lol

7) Hobbies: Shopping, art (i'm at college studying it), seeing my friends, just generally hanging out

8) Favorite food: Apart from chocolate...subway lol

9) 3 favortie actors: Orlando Bloom <3<3, Johnny Depp <3<3 and...Tom Hanks

10) 3 favorite actresses:  Lindsey Lohan, she's so beautiful! um...I don't really have favourites in either of those really...except looks wise lol

11) POST 4 CLEAR pictures of your face. Then please indicate which one you would like to be featured on the userinfo.

 I guess that one for userinfo. Sorry the pics are bad!!

Loads of Lurve Nicole x


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