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1) Name: Tania

2) Age: 18

3) Name your 2 favorite stores: Dior, Ricochet (designer store in NZ)

4) Promote us to 2 places and provide the links: http://www.livejournal.com/users/gangstah_bunny/3244.html?view=5036#t5036


5) Why should you be in _p3rf3ction_: I can spot ‘hot’ a mile away, ‘ugly’ just goes dismissed. Camera whoring issue.

6) Five favorite bands: the Strokes, the Cure, the Beatles, Blink 182, KoRn, System of a Down (sorry, I couldn’t choose just five;P)

7) Hobbies: shopping, dancing, singing, partying, listening to music, eating, traveling, café-ing, soccer, wearing really short skirts and really tight, low jeans (haha), drawing, camera whoring

8) Favorite food: anything Italian

9) 3 favorite actors: Johnny Depp, Ben Stiller, Jack Black

10) 3 favorite actresses: Dakota Fanning, Julia Stiles, Angelina Jolie

11) POST 4 CLEAR pictures of your face. Then please indicate which one you would like to be featured on the userinfo.

and I think I'd like the first photo for userinfo. =)

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    1)Name: Nicole 2)Age: 17 3) Name your 2 favorite stores: Topshop and River Island 4) Promote us to 2 places and provide the links:…

  • Stamped // Leaving.

    Sorry guys. Be good.

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    Sorry I havent been around, got into a car accident. Should be about more now. Vote and Promote! <3

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