Hello everybody, I'm Jane, and I too am a Wizard of Oz fan...I'm not obsessed or anything, but I do enjoy it quite a bit...some of my Oz items include a Wizard of Oz lunchbox, a figurine of the Tin Man, a Wicked Witch & Dorothy T-shirt, a CD player covered with Wizard of Oz stickers, and a Wicked Witch ring from Winky & Dutch! Woo!

And it's interesting to note that I was in a play of The Wizard of Oz and I was the head of the Lullaby League! My mother played the witch..a little TOO sister was another Lullaby Leaguer and my brother was the Coroner! Yay!

Right...I'm definitely done rambling...

Love and ruby slippers,
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hellooo and welcome to my community dedicated to the wizard of oz!
i've been obsessed with this movie and judy garland for as long as i can remember.
my room has got many wizard of oz things and i know every bit of the dialogue.