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Over the Fantasy: 100 Square-Enix Themes
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Over the Fantasy: 100 Square-Enix Challenges

Welcome to 100 Square-Enix Themes, a community for writers and artists to respond to one hundred prompts with romantic-themed fanfiction or fanart based on Square-Enix games and anime/manga. All ratings and genres are welcome here; you’re welcome to write/draw lemons or G-rated fluff, and yaoi/shounen-ai, yuri/shoujo-ai, and het are all equally encouraged. Stories can be any length.

This community is based on the various other themes communities on LJ, such as the following:

You do not have to participate to join the community. You’re welcome to lurk and read. ^_~

The Rules

Please read these rules before posting to the community.

1.) You may claim up to two pairings/threesomes/moresomes. If you claim a threesome/moresome, other people are free to claim pairings within your threesome. (For example, if one person claims SephirothxCloudxZack, another person may claim SephirothxCloud.) If you claim two pairings/threesomes/moresomes, those two claims must be from different games. (Example: You could claim, say, SquallxRinoa from FFVIII and ShionxKOS-MOS from Xenosaga at the same time.) Edit as of 29/11/05: I forgot about this when I first wrote the rules, but crossover pairings and pairings between canon characters and OC characters are perfectly acceptable. It's all good. ;P

2.) If you claim two different pairings/threesomes/moresomes, you must do all 100 themes for both.

3.) Collaborations are perfectly acceptable.

4.) Please try to respond to one theme at least every month or so. If two months pass and you haven’t responded to a theme, I’ll open up the pairing to be claimed by someone else. Edit as of 12/03/06: I'm not going to bother dropping the claims of people who haven't updated in more than two months unless I know someone else wants to get their hands on those claims. So, if there's a pairing you really want to sign up for that's already claimed, but hasn't been touched in over two months, please let me know you're interested in the pairing.

5.) Heterophobes and homophobes are not welcome here.

6.) There are no restrictions on genre whatsoever. Anything goes as long as romance remains a theme in all stories/art.

7.) Stories more than 100 words and all pictures must be put under an lj-cut.

8.) All responses to the themes must be based on Square-Enix games or anime/manga. Some of the most popular Square-Enix fandoms include the Final Fantasy series, the Chrono series, Xenogears and Xenosaga, and Kingdom Hearts, but stories and art based on any Square-Enix series are welcome. Here’s a list of Square-Enix games.

NOTE: I'm aware that the Xenosaga games aren't officially by Square-Enix, but Xenosaga is related to Xenogears, and I'm led to believe that Xenosaga was actually made by the same designers who simply left Squaresoft and transferred over to Namco. For these reasons, Xenosaga is a fandom that's available to be claimed. ^_^

9.) To claim your pairing/threesome/moresome, proceed to the following entry. Please put ‘request’ as the subject line of your comment, and name the characters you intend to claim as well as which game they come from.

The Themes
All themes may be interpreted however you wish. You don’t have to do the themes in the order they appear on this page. Do them in whatever order you wish.

1) amnesia
2) antidote
3) aura
4) barrier
5) battle
6) berserk
7) betrayal
8) bloodlust
9) chaos
10) childhood
11) cold
12) concentration
13) confusion
14) contain
15) creation
16) crystal
17) curse
18) dark
19) death
20) defense
21) destiny
22) destruction
23) devotion
24) dreams
25) earth
26) elemental
27) encourage
28) enemy
29) energy
30) escape
31) evil
32) fantasy
33) final
34) fire
35) focus
36) force
37) fortune
38) friend
39) ghost
40) gold
41) good
42) gravity
43) guardian
44) haste
45) heal
46) heat
47) hero
48) holy
49) ice
50) inhuman
51) invincible
52) key
53) life
54) light
55) lightning
56) luck
57) magic
58) manipulate
59) mystery
60) nature
61) oath
62) phoenix
63) poison
64) power
65) pray
66) protect
67) purity
68) rebirth
69) reflect
70) remedy
71) return
72) resist
73) reunion
74) revenge
75) rivalry
76) romance
77) sense
78) shadows
79) shield
80) silence
81) silver
82) sin
83) skill
84) sleep
85) slow
86) soft
87) soul
88) speed
89) stamina
90) stars
91) strength
92) swordplay
93) time
94) threat
95) trust
96) wanderlust
97) warrior
98) water
99) weapon
100) wind

Bonus Themes: Airship, Alchemy, Armor, At the Inn, Bribe, Catastrophe, Castle, Chocobo, Cure, Desert, Door to Tomorrow, Dragons, Dungeon, Elixir, Ether, Fish, Gambling, Gemstones, Lifestream, Maiden’s Kiss, Map, Mimic, Mini-Games, Mental Break, Moogle, Moon, Mythril, Ocean, Perfume, Petrify, Potion, Ragnarok, Ribbon, Royalty, Rune, Seal, Shell, Smoke, Snow, Stop, Summoning, Sun, Thieving, Transform, Ultima, Wall, Whisper, Wings to Discovery, Zombie
(You can replace any themes above with these if they fit your fandom, or you can tackle these themes separately. ^_^)


Final Fantasy VII:
Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough - stream_of_life
Cloud Strife and Rufus Shinra - liana_bluestar
Reno and Tifa Lockhart - butterflys_fics

Final Fantasy VIII:
Laguna Loire and Kiros - lunarwolf2002
Squall Leonheart and Rinoa Heartilly - moonlightmiko

Final Fantasy X/X-2:
Lulu and Wakka - bluemoonbassist
Rikku and Gippal - jinxia
Paine and Baralai - butterflys_fics
Tidus and Yuna - genkimania
Wakka and Tidus - tomorrow_comes

Kingdom Hearts:
Cloud and Aerith - talim
Riku and Sora - soraluvr
Sora and Amanda(OC) - friendships
Sora and Ciel(OC) - serpentgamer
Sora and Kairi - koyuki_hime
Sora and Leon - airiechan
Tidus and Leon - lunarwolf2002

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories:
Zexion and Lexaeus - lena108
Larxene and Marluxia and Namine - nirvana_falling

Kingdom Hearts II:
Axel and Roxas - lena108
Axel and Sora - sixverstein
Riku and Sora and Kairi - nirvana_falling

Kingdom Hearts Crossover:
Repliku and post-KHII Sora - darkmoon_light

Star Ocean: The Second Story:
Rena and Celine - karenishra

Star Ocean 3
Luther Lansfeld x Fayt Leingod - liana_bluestar

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