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The brighter the better! ^o^

Oshare kei - Japanesque hair and style
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All Members , Moderated

Hello everyone! Welcome to _oshare_, a community dedicated to the bright fashion of oshare kei bands such as Ichigo69, Luvie, HeaRt, and so forth! This community is focused on the fashion aspect of oshare kei rather than the music, but you are also welcome to discuss it. We adore rainbow hairclips, mismatched socks, and lots and lots of pastel colors. Anything decora or relating to Japanese fashion is also accepted; we love polka dots, strawberries, and stripes. Got oshare kei styled items you want to show? Come and post them up!

Like every community, we have rules, and we strictly want you to obey them! Please don't force us to be harsh on you, as we would like the community to be enjoyable for everyone!

- Participate! We expect you to be an active and contributing member.
- Introduce yourself to others.
- Stay on topic!
- Be respective and nice to others.
- Give constructive criticism, not insults nor flames.
- Ask permission to list your auctions/sells. Keep them oshare related.
- Use Livejournal cut for large pictures exceeding 450 px in width and/or 450 px in height. Don't know how to use LJ-cut? Click here.

- Simply post uncoordinated outfits or wear bright bracelets as a sign of oshare kei fashion.
- Go off topic about other things such as your day (that's what your journal is for!)
- Post promotions. Some community promotions are fine as long as they are oshare kei related.
- Start drama with anyone! Keep your unfriendly remarks to yourself.

When introducing yourself, please use this form:

~ Basics ~
☆1 - Name:
☆2 - Location:
☆3 - How did you first find out about oshare kei?:
~ Deeper ~
☆4 - Name your favorite oshare kei bands:
☆5 - Name your favorite oshare kei member. Why?:
☆6 - What aspect of oshare kei stands out to you most?
~ Even closer ~
☆7 - Post two pictures of yourself (minimum). Are these outfits oshare kei inspired?
☆8 - How are you affected by oshare kei in your everyday life?
☆9 - Name your favorite song that makes you happy:
☆10 - Lastly, is there anything else we should know?

*If you don't have pictures of yourself, feel free to skip #7.

For the sake of interest and participation, we, the moderators (chibisubaru, epileptic) have started a theme-based activity every month. Basically, we select a theme every month for everyone to post pictures for and follow. Have fun with it! Be as creative as you like and don't be afraid to show your chipper side! You are strongly encouraged to do so but you may still post non-theme based entries.

So grab your brightest outfits and let's play, minna-san! (^o^)


If you are interested in Japanese fashion in general, please check out the following communities!


If you have a community that wants to be affiliated, feel free to contact the moderators and we'll be happy to link to you.