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Right now i'm bored so i'll post something :D

~ Basics ~
☆1 - Name: Kuzu
☆2 - Location: Germany
☆3 - How did you first find out about oshare kei?: Animes -> Opening -> VK -> Oshare kei
- Name your favorite oshare kei bands: Lolita23Q SuG but my favourite band is a VK Band xD
☆5 - Name your favorite oshare kei member. Why?: BAN :D He's funny xD
☆6 - What aspect of oshare kei stands out to you most? The Colorfull clothes *-*
~ Even closer ~
☆7 - Post two pictures of yourself (minimum). Are these outfits oshare kei inspired? Yes :0
☆8 - How are you affected by oshare kei in your everyday life? I don't know :D
- Name your favorite song that makes you happy: The Kiddie Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious :D
☆10 -
Lastly, is there anything else we should know?
I really love this style xD?
http://kuzusblog.blogspot.com/ my blog :D


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