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Right now i'm bored so i'll post something :D

~ Basics ~
☆1 - Name: Kuzu
☆2 - Location: Germany
☆3 - How did you first find out about oshare kei?: Animes -> Opening -> VK -> Oshare kei
- Name your favorite oshare kei bands: Lolita23Q SuG but my favourite band is a VK Band xD
☆5 - Name your favorite oshare kei member. Why?: BAN :D He's funny xD
☆6 - What aspect of oshare kei stands out to you most? The Colorfull clothes *-*
~ Even closer ~
☆7 - Post two pictures of yourself (minimum). Are these outfits oshare kei inspired? Yes :0
☆8 - How are you affected by oshare kei in your everyday life? I don't know :D
- Name your favorite song that makes you happy: The Kiddie Supercalifraglisticexpialidocious :D
☆10 -
Lastly, is there anything else we should know?
I really love this style xD?
http://kuzusblog.blogspot.com/ my blog :D

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~For Pure Maidens~ A Magic Tea Party from Princess Hoshi no Namida - Travel Package to Tokyo!

~For Pure Maidens~ A Magic Tea Party from Princess Hoshi no Namida - Travel Package to Tokyo!
This tea party is designed for all of you, who love the magical Lolita lifestyle!

[Event Details]
Date: 2011/10/14 (Fri)
Time: 14:00 to 16:00 (Japanese Standard Time)
FOUR SEASONS HOTEL Chinzanso Ball Room, Tokyo Japan

[Dress Code]
BABY / PIRATES Clothes Are the Main Aspect of the Tea-Party Outfit
* Boys are allowed to participate as girl's company.

[Novelty Present]
A Magic Tea Cup and Saucer for the Fair Maidens
(Picture to the Right)

[Concerning the Media Present at the Event]
During the even, various media will be present.
We kindly ask your support and cooperate concerning pictures of the overall event and after individual agreement, in the case of individual photo shootings.

[Read more...]
ぴんぴん ⇒ Pink.


  (๑╹ω╹๑ )  For Sale  (๑╹ω╹๑ )

Hello, I am trying to sell some of my belongings to make extra funds for other things.
I ship from England, & only accept GBP via Paypal. You pay for shipping; I calculate shipping costs
I combine shipping for multiple purchase!
Feel free to comment or send me a PM.

Please do not be scared to negotiate or ask questions!

☆ Japanese Music, Cheki, Magazines & Posters! ☆

☆ Just added; Cheki & Photosets! ☆

Lots of Posters! An Cafe, ViViD MUCC, Toon Factory, Plastic Tree; Ryutaro & More!
Magazines; Kera, FRUiTS, SHOXX, Fools Mate.

☆ Anime Merch, Cell Phone Straps; Hello Kitty & Sanrio. ☆

☆ Just added; Panda Z shirt (M) ☆

Kingdom Hearts; PS2 Game Walk through & Manga. Trigun DVD. Digimon; Figures.

☆ Fliers ☆

I have a bunch of fliers; they are still avalible for show.
But I have mixed them up and no longer know which I have and do not have.
I'm willing to do a 'Flier Grab Bag'

15 mixed Fliers for £10 including shipping +Paypal Fees.

★ I have plenty more; just check the links in my posts! ★

Sex Pot Revenge Hip Pad!

Still not added this to my blog! So for interest comment here or send me a PM.
Only been worn TWICE. It's been put away ever since.

This is still for sale on the CDJapan OHP here!!
RRP: £37 - €42 - $58 and this doesn't include shipping!!

I'm asking for: £35 -
€40 - $55 including shipping!
Feel free to negotiate!

  (๑╹ω╹๑ )  Thank You  (๑╹ω╹๑ )