Help me find a fic please!!!!

Hello, I am new to this community and was wondering if you can help me out. There is an Itachi/Sakura fic I read a long time ago that I would like to read again. Ummm I don't remember that much, but it is quite long. Sakura joins the Akatsuki and Itachi keeps her on a chain necklace choker thing. She's kind of like a pet. I don't remember much more except that they go on missions together. Sakura goes back to Konaha after Itachi dies and wheres a choker where her old one used to be. Itachi is kind of haunting her I suppose, because she keeps hearing his voice speaking to her and saying that if he can't have her no one else can? Please help me find the title, or author of this fic. Thank You!

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Naruto: Sasuke/Naruto (closer)

Fic: Love In The Remains

Title: Love In The Remains
Author: slash4femme
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing/Category: Jiraiya/Orochimaru
Rating: NC-17
Warning: sex, crossdressing, breath-play, AU
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, I do not make money off of doing this. The only thing I'm getting out of this is pure unadulterated creative enjoyment and less hours for me to spend doing my real work.
Summary: Orochimaru hates surprises. Jiraiya doesn't mind them that much.
Author Note: Not beta'd, sorry guys. Written for the D/s Naruto group over at ygallery. This is set in a modern-ish AU of my own devising.
Batman: Rawr

Funny Stuff About Orochimaru

WHAT ME AND MY FRIEND THINK OF OROCHIMARU! (Please don't get me wrong! I LOVE Orochimaru... this is just a little parody ^^)

Me: Sasuke is willing to let Orochimaru take over his body! Really why would anyone want to give anything to that freakishly long tongue guy.... Can't you just see Orochimaru outside of an Elementary school with candy to lure little children to him?

Friend: I CAN see Orochimaru doing that!! I swear, doesnt Sasuke think about ANYTHING?! I mean, how would you act if a FIFTY year old man with a long tounge,looks like a snake,and can rip off his FACE came up to u and asked for your body?!?!? Thats NOT NORMAL!!!! and ALSO!!! Im sure none of them have thought about this, but Orochimaru BIT Sasuke on th NECK and it left a mark! In my book, THAT is a HIKY! (cant spell it. xD lol)

Me: You are so right about that hickey! And I swear that's a fetish for him too. Remember when Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru had that big fight and Orochimaru bit Jiraiya's neck (and where he bit was not vital so it held no point) and how Jiraiya looked down at him all like it's happened before!!!? So creepy... what in the world was Sasuke thinking.

Friend: XD OMG U R RIGHT!! Orochimaru also bit the 3rd Hokages neck! and he was like "Damn, I knew this day would come!" He bit Anko too. ._. My God! XD Orochimaru really gets around doesnt he? XD

Me: HAHA! I totally forgot about the 3rd!! XD Orochimaru is such a player! And what he said to Tsunade... "Your one of the few people I wouldn't want to kill." It's because he hasn't had the chance to bit her yet. LOL

Friend: XD OMG! I think u r right!! XD he even said before that he should have "gotten Itachi while I had the chance." XD Holy crap! Watch out or Orochimaru will give u the cursed Hikey!!!! Wooooo!!!!!!!
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Fei Long Sleep

hi there!

i'm totally new here.
actually, i read/watch almost only yaoi.. then a friend showed me pix from naruto --> i fell for Orochimaru!  \(*-*)/
now, can someone tell me in which episodes/anime he appears? i only found info about him being in shippuuden 2, but i'm completely naruto-illiterate.. i don't wanna download ALL naruto episodes & movies, at least not now (and not with my actual webconnection XDD) - only the ones you can see him or those before/inbetween that are directly connected with his story. i'm talking tv, movies, anime - NOT manga.
sankyouuu (^_^)
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Woman on Couch

Natural Selection- Tsunade/Orochimaru

Fandom: Naruto
Title: Natural Selection
Genre: Character study, pairing
Pairing: Tsunade/Orochimaru
Rating: R
Warning: Mentions of oral sex
A/N: Based on a request for at least one sentence of Tsunade/Orochimaru with the prompt tongue action. This turned into my first Naruto ficlet!
Summary: Tsunade is a sucker for risky games.
Disclaimer:  Naruto and its characters and settings belong to Kishimoto Masashi. I'm just borrowing them solely for my own amusement and hopefully your enjoyment. Done all for fun, not for profit.