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Hem Set - Order of Havok, Servant of Set

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There are many forces that exist within the world. They all fall into the broad category I refer to as BUSTLE. By random chance, certain things have come to exist that dash about doing things, creating, destroying, recycling, consuming, and so on. Those who acknowledge this are often followers of Eris, and refer to their religion as Discordianism.

This site will be devoted to the understading and teachings of the Order of Havok, which is a faction of Discordianism. The Order of Havok is to discordianism what protestants were to catholics. I'm not rebelling against Eris in any way, but I am rebelling against the current understanding most discordianists have of eris and chaos.

I've spoken to Eris. She's annoyed with us. We mispronounce her name, and we misinterpret her beliefs. The kids who founded discordianism as we know it today were spoken to by Eris. However, after hearing a few words from Eris, they decided to make the religion more about themselves than about Eris.

I'm going to attempt to straighten this whole mess out.