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fans of the O.C.

welcome to the O.C., bitch
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this is how it's done in orange county · · ·

hey, welcome to the O.C. the ground rules: 1) you don't have to know how it works around here. 2) when you think you've figured it out, everything's changed.

see, it's like this. newport beach is paradise, right? seventy degrees + perfect waves every time. no problems, right? but when you throw in a ton of a money and whole bunch of a secrets into the mix, things get a little complicated.

this community is dedicated to the fans of the O.C. please join if you are a fan. you can post anything you want, such as pictures and information about when the actors will be on various talk shows, etc. however, if you are going to post a spoiler, please do so behind a cut. to get the code, go to livejournal FAQ and lj specific codes. also, please do not talk about a brand new episode the second it was aired without using the cut. some of the members may have been out, and taped it so they could watch it the following day. one more thing: please do NOT trash talk anyone who belongs to the community as well as the actors on the show. thank you!

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