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Blue Roses and the Angle of Music
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Hi! Well, have you just read the third phanphic summary in a row which reads "A blind girl journeys to the Phantom's lair to help him find love again!" Have you seen Erik called "The Phantom" too many times?

You have? Well, we're here to ease your pain. Here you may drag the worst Phantom Sues you can find (and badly OOC phics even with Christine or other characters that would otherwise be canon do count!) for public sporking and ridicule.
Where can you find your material? fanfiction.net is a good place to start. (Look under the Phantom of the Opera section, of course.) Sues from any version (2004 movie, ALW musical, Leroux, Kay, etc) are welcome!

Here is the form we would like you to use when reporting (a classic never dies, this format is from the incomparable marysues)...

Story Or Series Title:
Culprit Author's Name:

Full Name (plus titles if any):
Full Species(es):
Hair Color (include adjectives):
Eye Color (include adjectives):
Unusual Markings/Colorations:
Special Possessions (if any):

Annoying Origin:
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:
Annoying Special Abilities:
Other Annoying Traits:

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

A few rules...

1. Respect the moderators and your fellow posters This should be self explanatory. Just no flaming, and no grumbling at others. Disagreements are okay, but they should be handled in a calm and civilized manner. We're not cannibalistic barbarians. Hopefully. The moderators have the right to remove any content we feel is not appropriate for the community. Which probably won't happen, but just so's you know.

2. Please post long samples behind an lj-cut If you do not know how to do an lj-cut, there is a lovely explanation right here. :D Thank you.

3. While we're at it... Remember not to post an entire story, even if it's super short. These "works" are the property of the author and if posted in whole are violating LJ's TOS. And that would be bad. Pick the worst parts out of the phic, and link to the phic if you would like. Snarky commenting throughout the samples are encouraged allowed, of course.

4. Do not personally attack the author. Because that would be bad. The phics are fine to attack and laugh at. But the authors are people too. It's just not good business. If an angry mob storms over to start a flame war, self defense is of course permitted. But author bashing = not cool.

5. Things you MUST say... You must say phic and phandom or we will kick you like an emu. No, just kidding. XD

F.A.Q.: (Or questions that we thought might be frequently asked, or asked at all.)

Why _operasinging_? Well, one night on ffn collie_wing and rosewing came across a Suephic entitled You Are Never Alone, which would become very near and dear to their hearts. The Sue in question was to be identified by her voice of an angel, the circlet of blue roses in her hair, and her ability to sing "Think of Me" by heart. This she did, with gratuitous insertion of song lyrics, and a cadenza that went like this:
"But please promise me that sometimes you will think... (Opera singing) Of me!"
Soon after, the moderators decided that a Phantom Sue report was long overdue, and thus, a community title was born. I feel the need to thank the author of this remarkable work, because it occurred to me that we owe her everything.

What's an Emming?
Em.ming: 1. A species of rodent similar to the Norway Lemming (Lemmus lemmus) with a penchant for iPods, cellphones, and other hallmarks of trendiness. (Scientific name: Lemmus emmus) 2. A movieverse-Christine-based Sue. (i.e.: a Sue based on Christine based on Emmy Rossum.) 3. A Christine-Sue that has become such through repeated acts of movieverse-inspired OOC. 4. Movieverse Christine represented in the form of the aforementioned rodent. 5. A word that is fun to shout. 6. Some strange combination of the above, or none of these at all. Emming, The: 7. Movieverse Christine. 8. Emmy Rossum.
Emmings are identifiable by their perfect mahogany curls, big brown doe eyes, porcelain complexions, and oversized mouths, which a movieverse Phan author may attempt to disguise with a description such as "sensuous lips." Emmings are prone to indecision, which often causes them to magically change their minds in movie-inspired phanphic sequels and return to Gerik (see below). Emmings and Geriks both also seem to have peculiarly short memories, which cause them to conveniently forget any injury they may have caused each other in previous meetings and immediately proceed to the swan bed.

What's a Gerik?
Ger.ik: 1. A movie-verse-Erik-based-Erik. Like the Emming, an Erik based on Gerard Butler's movie version of our beloved Opera Ghost. 2. A Gerik is the movie-verse phan's version of Erik or "The Phantom" as he is most often known in such phanphics. A Gerik is clever, and may take Erik's name to disguise itself. A Gerik is tanned, well muscled, and dramatically angsty/forgiving/pitifully shy and sad. They often favor wearing a white half mask, and are prone to hitting on Mary Sues and eventually shagging like bunnies with them. They tend to be labeled pests as they have brought scads of sues to the phandom who show no signs of leaving. Sort of like when you leave chocolate syrup out and ants show up.

Who is Rodney?
Rodney is Raoul's evil twin brother. Rodney is usually responsible for beating Christine up, making her cry, and causing her anguish, thus driving her into the arms of Erik, Gerik, Meg, Carlotta, et al. Rodney is shallow, belligerent and often has sissy hair and a weird wardrobe.

Why is there a rodent in a prom dress on your front page?
See above under Emming, definition 4. She's our mascot. :)

We hope you enjoy your stay here, please have fun.
Thank you,
The Management
collie_wing and rosewing (maker of our wonderful layout! <3)

Looking for more Suefulnes? Visit marysues, the original and best, for more sporking joy. :D!

A special thank you to this community's very own Angle of LJ, roguebelle!!!

And many many thanks to neverwench for our fabulous icon! (We love it!!!)

The Quoteable Badphic and The Cadenza Gallery
Some highlights. Because sometimes badphic is so awesomely bad it stands on its own. Now includes a collection of Think of Me Cadenzas that put even Emmy's to shame.

The Operasinging Art Gallery
For all the pretty pictures that Sues inspire.

*Please note, the misspellings of Angel, woe, Erik, and Christine on this page and in any reports we do are quite intentional. We are women fully aware and capable of our spelling powers. Well, collie_wing might spell "Webber" wrong once in awhile But that's the bread's fault. Otherwise, unless noted as author's spelling, we're making fun. XD

This is our pet sue hamster. Her full name is Princesse Musique Marie Rose Suella Cadenza le Fantome de Chagny IV, but she's Marie Rose Suella Cadenza to her friends. You can play with her to alleviate the stress of those eyebleeding sporkings. She likes to run in her wheel.

my pet!

If you happen to see a guy lurking in the shadows, thank him for us. :)
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