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woo mod posts!

Hey kidssss,

I know I've really been sucking with this whole moderation thing. I HAVE been reading entries but haven't had a lot of time, which is why I'm lacking in comments and everything like that. I've been working on applications galore (isn't being a senior amazing?) and am currently visiting my sister at college and will be until Tuesday so I've'nt been able to get online as much as I'd like to. I'll try to get better about this whole community deal, I promise!

I just want to say a hugggeeee WELCOME!! to all the new members. I'm so happy to see so many people joining! You guys rock so much :) 

To those who are not aware of the QOTW's, we have these questions of the week. They really don't happen weekly, so don't believe the title. I try, but they're actually pretty hard to come up with. (so it'd be freaking awesome if you guys... you know... suggested questions ;)) The point of these questions is to be able to get to know each other better and also to keep the community active. Compared to all the online love communities I'm in, this is one of the most active which is really amazing to me. I love you all for it.

(Yes, I did have a reason for mentioning the QOTW and will be asking questions after I'm done rambling hahaha)

So all the newbies know, my name's Sarah. I'm 17 and am in the best relationship ever with a kid named Matt, who is 19. We've been dating since I was 14 and just met this summer (and it was the best experience of my life EVER.) Matt lives 3,000 miles from here, which is really very depressing, but I feel really lucky to be able to spend summers with him and to have the most understanding parents in the world (...my mother was the one who suggested Matt come visit, when we moved she was like "you should have Matt come up this summer, I think it's about time you meet him"... I have the best parents, hands down). That sums it up, really, but if any of you need to talk I've been in this situation for a pretty long time and am totally willing to talk to ANY of you. My AIM screenname is PrincessSarri, so give me an IM any time. I also have an INCREDIBLE co-mod who is much more quick at approving entries than I am (thank you by the way :)) named Jill, and I KNOW that she's always here for you guys as well. We're a really friendly community :-p

Now on to the QOTW!!!!

1a) If you HAVE met your SO, what advice would you give to someone who is meeting theirs? Meeting a loved one for the first time can be very scary. Did you do anything to relax that you think would help? Did you panic and wish you hadn't? How did your meet go?
1b) If you HAVE NOT met your SO, do you plan to meet soon? Why haven't you met yet? Is money the issue? Have you not told those in your life (parents, siblings, friends)? There are so many different set backs, and we're all aware. What has been the hardest part of being apart so long and not being able to see or touch each other?

2) Who was the hardest person to tell your LDR about? Why? How did they react? Are there people who you haven't told yet? What do you think their reaction will be? Elaborate, give examples.

3) What is your favorite love story of all time? It can be from a movie, a book, a tv show, a song, real life... anything. Why is it your favorite? Do you relate to the story in any way?

4) I know it's unrelated, but what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Even if you aren't from the US/don't celebrate, you can still answer ;)


In order to revamp this community, I plan on redoing the layout and whatnot. Jill, I also plan on changing the userinfo where our contact info is. If you have a different picture you'd like me to use please comment with it or IM me. Also if there is a change in your contact info please let me know!

Here is where all our lovely members come in. This weeks QOTW?

QOTW: SUGGEST ANY CHANGE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE COMMUNITY. This is open ended for a reason - You can suggest rules, create promotion banners, suggest themes for a layout, create community icons, SUGGEST QOTWs!!!!!!!! (...not that I really need suggestions or anything *blush*, suggest new survey questions for new members. SUGGEST ANYTHING YOU WANT THAT WOULD BE BENEFICIAL TO THE COMMUNITY.

I know a lot of you will ignore this QOTW, but PLEASE take it seriously. It's my job to make this community appealing to all of YOU.

And yes, there IS a CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK as well!

CHALLENGE: Post promotional banners anywhere and everywhere (and provide a link, please?) - I don't care if it's in your personal journal or userinfo, in a comment to a friend, or in another community. Our ONLINE LOVE family is FANTASTIC, but there is MUCH more to come as we grow!

I'll be working on new promo banners, so make sure you guys get rolling as well!

Return of the QOTW!!

Questions of the Week

1: Write a poem for your SO or a love interest and share it with us. If you wish to, explain the significance of the poem.
2: Post lyrics to any song that describes your relationship. Explain how it relates.
3: Post a list of 10+ romantic ideas suitable for someone in a long-distance/online relationship


Create and post a colorbar of you and your SO

(thanks muchly gloryb2u for the QOTW ideas!! :) )

A Challenge!

Instead of doing questions of the week this week (or month, or however long it takes for me to change them) since I've been much too overwhelmed with other things to think them up, I've created two challenges for you guys to replace them! Wooo, challenges!!

Challenge 1:
First, I want those of you in a relationship at this current moment to try and create a list of 100 things (or more) of cute things he/she does, things that are unique about your relationship, things you do together that make you happier than anything else, reasons you love him/her, etc. If you can't come up with 100, post as many as you can. Try to be as unique and interesting as possible, it's a lot more fun to read this way.

If you aren't in a relationship right now, don't worry about it because I've got a challenge for you too. You can either do the same thing except with a/a few past relationship(s). If you ended on a not so wonderful note, then try to make a list of things he/she did that annoyed you, angered you, pissed you off, etc.

Challenge 2:
Make a list of 5-10 possible challenges/questions of the week. It'll be so greatly appreciated.

MOD - Questions of the Week :)

Thanks to Jill we have some awesome new questions for you all to answer this week!

1) If you told your family about your relationship, what was their reaction? How did you expect them to react? If you didn't tell them, when do you expect to tell them and what do you think their reaction will be?

2) Aside from this community, do you have any other support? How does this effect your relationship if any?

3)If you are engaged, or pre engaged, what are the devlopments on that so far? [set date, who is moving where, etc]. If you aren't, have you and your significant other talked about it? How can you see yourself getting engaged? Explain how you would want your wedding done.

Have fun with them guys :)

A little update AND Questions of the Week!

I figure I've been neglecting this community quite a bit as of late, I'm not really sure why. I've been doing the same to my livejournal as well which some of you on my friends list may know. I'm going to try to be better about this whole maintainer thing and post more/post more questions and such.

wellll to give you a cute little update on my relationship....

1) My boyfriend got his birthday present which makes me quite quite happy. I had a little glass penguin and he absolutely loved. Apparently he showed his parents because he thought it was so cute which made me smile because his parents don't even know about us. His dad saw the box though, and they know the penguin came from the package, so his dad told Matt that I obviously have a crush on him. Aww!

2) The past two nights we stayed up all night, which really really made my weekend amazing. I'm a really big insomniac, and my mother gave me permission to stay up, so I decided to abuse my power and stay up until the early early morning. My sweety stayed up with me which was awesome. It was sort of like a sleep over from 3,000 miles away. We talked on the phone all night and I think we learned a lot more about each other. I definitely recommend you to do that if you're able to. I'm exhausted now, but it was definitely a weekend to remember.

Now this is a little... um... really, REALLY late, but... questions of the week? Haha. Sorry they aren't exactly weekly anymore, I'll try to work on that but I can't make any promises

1) What's your favorite love story (book, movie, or legend) and why?
2) Do you think that such stories and movies are realistic? In your mind, do they portray what the idea of 'true love' really is?
3) Define true love in your own words.
4) What is the most memorable experience you and your significant other have had as a couple? If you've met, what is the most memorable from your memories online and what was the most memorable offline?
5) What factors do you think make online relationships possible? What traits do both members of a relationship have to possess?
6) Do you think that anyone could have an online relationship if they put in some effort, or is it one of the things that isn't meant for everyone? Why?

I'll be filling out my answers in a seperate entry :)

Questions of the Week!

I guess I'm a bit late again, which I'm quite sorry about! It's so hard to come up with these questions for you guys :) Please, if any of you have any ideas, comment. I'll actually love you forever and ever!

1) Post a picture of you and your significant other (whether they're two seperate pictures if you haven't met or one together if you have it's fine)

2) If you have met, what was your reaction upon meeting him or her? What was your first date like? Describe it in as much detail as you can! If you haven't met yet, do you have any plans to meet? What are they? Where would you take him or her on a first date and what would you do?

3) If you wish to, post a map (from mapquest for example) showing how far you and your significant other are. Even though it's sometimes sad realizing exactly how far you are, it's interesting to compare your relationships with others. (If you would like, I can make you a colorbar out of it like the one in my info :))

Note: Remember to post all pictures behind a cut! For those of you unsure how to make an lj-cut, just type <*lj-cut> answers to your questions <*/lj-cut> take out the stars, and replace the text between them with your answers! Also, if you would like to participate in the questions of the week, but don't want to answer everything, you don't have to. Answer what you'd like to answer :)

questions of the week (for real this time)

I promised I'd have them so here you guys go

Is this your first time being in an online relationship? If not, how did your others end up and how long did they last? Briefly describe each you've had. If it is, explain why you got into a relationship like this and why you're happy that you did.

What do you find unique about your relationship in comparison to others? Gives examples if you wish to.

Also Post anything else that you feel like sharing about yourself or your relationship so we can get to know you better!

thanks for being awesome guys, I may not be too active for a while seeing as my favorite singer has leukemia AND my other computer is broken - I have a ton to deal with lately :-/

MOD - Questions of the week - week 3!

This week's questions are a little bit different. You have a choice between doing one question, or both, because some people may go on and on if they chose to do the first question.


Write a letter to your significant other, or someone who has effected your life on a romantic level in the past. Write about whatever you want; the relationship you have/had, any hardships you may have, absolutely anything. Whether you send this letter is completely up to you, but it'll help us understand your relationship a bit more and can help get things off your mind!



Create a type of list regarding long-distance love, online love, or relationships in general. It can include more than ten things, but at least ten. You may do, but are not limited to, the following subjects: 10 ways to help get over a break up, 10 reasons why online relationships are absolutely amazing, 10 gift ideas if you're in a long-distance relationship, 10 long-distance love quotes, etc. Be creative, and please don't limit yourself to these subjects (unless you want to do one of them, of course!) Have fun with this, go beyond ten things if you want to.

MOD - Questions of the week - week 2!

Do you believe in "love at first sight"? Why or why not? How long do you think you need to know someone before you fall in love with them, or is the length a factor at all?

In any relationship, online or off, do you think it's better to be friends with your significant other before becoming anything more, or is better to go out with someone you don't necessarily know so well? Do you find comfort in the fact that you already know the person, or would you prefer to get to know them as you date them? Why?

Remember, you have about a week (give or take, if no one responds for a few days the questions will be changed to keep the activity of the community) to respond. Post your answers in a new entry, and anything too lengthy should be kept under and lj-cut :)

Also, please give me ideas for future questions of the week by commenting in each week's new post. If you have an idea, comment with it here and if I don't use it next week then comment again then.

Thanks guys, have fun! <3!