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March 15th, 2007 at 10:58pm]

I'm out of here in about 8 hours, on the way to Canada to see my love =) I'm so excited, so nervous, and all jittery. This will be our first meeting as well. Just a quick question, I'll be connecting in Chicago and it'll be the same airline and everything, just switching planes to go to Edmonton. Will I need to go check in and go through security and everything again? I'm just so nervous about the whole airport thing, getting to my flight, knowing where I have to go, etc. If anyone has tips let me know. Thanks =)

xposted. I'll check when I wake up in a few hours :D
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MOD - 6 gifts, woo! [Wednesday
March 14th, 2007 at 4:58pm]

hey everyone, I come with some gifts for all of you lovely people :)

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mmm I'm so excited!! [Wednesday
March 14th, 2007 at 6:44am]

Well my boyfriend is going to be coming to my prom, and I've been really worried because prom is... well... expensive. Infact, it's VERY expensive and I've been ultra worried about affording it. I want to get my hair done, get a nice limo, pretty jewelry and shoes and a handbag... and oh ya... a DRESS. I'm a poor kid with less than $200, haha... well... my aunt emailed me last night... :)

"Subject: Hi Sarah, prom question for you

do you know if you are going? if so, do you know where you want to buy a dress? if so, can we buy it for you? Let me know how much and where and we will get a gift certificate for you........ok? (oh yeah and let me know where you want to buy shoes too)
sam & rich"

She wants to help me out because her senior year, my sister went to France and my aunt helped my family pay for it. I'm not going there because none of my friends can afford it so she wants to do something for me :) I'm so psycheddd
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MOD [Saturday
March 10th, 2007 at 1:38am]

Sorry for being so out of it with the community lately. As you can tell from my own livejournal, I've been way out of the loop. I hate making excuses, but school is stressing me out big time so I do put a lot of the blame on that. Not only that, but the school has blocked livejournal and blogging sites this year, so I can't access it during downtime during the school day either. Sucks.

I do want to say a big welcome to all the new members, and a thanks to all the old ones who are posting like mad. I promise to be more active, and I'll read all of the new entries tomorrow (as I'm way too tired to do so now).

On the plus side, I do have some good news. My boyfriend's family should be moving to New York sometime in the beginning of April. They're looking at a really really really nice house right now (seriously, it's absolutely gorgeous) and plan to put a down payment on it as soon as possible. I, for one, am PSYCHED. There'll still be a distance, but rather than a 6 hour plane ride it'll be a 4 hour car ride! He'll be about 45 minutes from the city (which neither of us have ever seen) as well, which is definitely cool. I'm so excited to be able to see him again soon!!!! It kills me not having seen him since July! As long as the move goes well and they adjust, I plan to see if I can spend my April vacation (spring break, the week of the 16th) with him and his family. Sweeeet. It's going to be great going down there, too, because there are a few new ways to travel aside from plane, ha! There's apparently a bus that can bring me to New York City, there are ferries between Connecticut and Long Island, or I can have my mom or dad drive me half way there. Regardless, I'm STOKED.

Good luck to all of you meeting soon! Trust me, it's going to be a BLAST. You may be nervous now, but there's definitely no need. Make sure to tell us how it goes!!

And if you can, I'd appreciate it if you took the time to promote the community (please, only promote in the communities that ALLOW it... if you aren't sure if they do, it's best not to promote there :)). Our community is awesome and it grows pretty steadily, but I know there are a ton of other kids in our same situations who'd probably like a place to vent about it. We're the fastest growing online love community, at least to my knowledge and what I've seen (though I don't really use the others anymore, so I could be wrong...), so we deserve the most and the best members, for sure ;)

I'll try to get some nice new banners and things up soon to make up for my absense :-p
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March 8th, 2007 at 10:30pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I'm sorry I keep buggin you guys, but I have a bit of a problem. I've been searching around all day, and it seems even in Canada you need to be 21+ to rent a car. Does anyone know of any car rental place in Edmonton, Alberta that will allow me to rent a car at the age of 19? ): I don't know what I'm going to do otherwise if I can't rent a car. Thanks everyone.

xposted. as usual.

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March 7th, 2007 at 11:35pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Well I finally got my passport confirmation and they said that I should be good to go by March 11th :D I'm so excited. I'm leaving on the 16th and will be returning on the 23rd. This will be our first meeting, and this will be the first LDR where I've actually met the person. I couldn't be more happy.. and at the same time, more upset/scared. My parent and my god mother are really against it. My nana practically told me she was going to disown me if I went through with this. Did anyone else have this sort of problem? If so, how did you deal with it? And also.. okay, as I've previously mentioned, I'm a big girl. My nana was kind of going off on me and she pretty much told me my fat ass isn't going to be able to sit in an airplane seat. Does anyone have more information about that, and any other sort of traveling tips? This is my first time on a plane. Thanks. :D

x-posted. Like always.

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Paranoia Problem [Sunday
March 4th, 2007 at 7:56pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Hey guys.

My girlfriend Rachael and I have been dating each other for nearly 2 years and we have not met yet. (We are both teenagers). I love her very much, I've never felt so strongly about anyone, and I plan to meet her on her eighteenth birthday.

But there's a problem now, we used to talk on the phone a lot, or play games together or talk online. We made due with the distance and we never grew tired of talking to each other.. But now I'm afraid maybe she's found someone else..

She's been coming home very late with poor explanations, and even on weekdays she'll say she wants to go nap, so every day she's gone for about 5 hours after school "napping".

I don't want to say she's the one to cheat, but she did cheat on her ex boyfriend with me until she finally left him.

I hate keeping tabs on her, so I'm not going so far as to call her often asking where she is, or to keep starting fights with her.. But I get so scared that she's doing something behind my back that the love that's in my heart for her is being gradually replaced with anger and pain.

I've tried to talk to her about it, but she gets very angry and says that I must not trust her or think that she loves me at all and it hurts her feelings.

I'm just not sure what I should do.

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A bit worried. [Thursday
March 1st, 2007 at 9:57pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I went and applied for my passport last Friday. I paid for expedited services right then and there, my passport fee coming to $127, not including paying the county $40. I called the passport agency last night (on hold for an hour, mind you) and they said they're really backed up, and I can't view my status of my passport because I'm not in their system yet. I'm due to leave March 16th, but haven't gotten the ticket yet. Now, if I paid for expedited (the lady said 2-3 weeks at the agency) at the county clerk agency, does that mean they put expedited on the envelope because they knew I was traveling in the near future, or should that be a question for the clerks office itself? I'm getting scared because I was going to buy the ticket tomorrow and don't really want to postpone my trip, but I don't know if I have to. The man on the phone said that if they put expedited on the envelope I should get it in time. I just don't know if I should be worrying or not. Expect more posts from me in the near future... this will be my first time on a plane. I can't wait to meet him. :)

ps: xposted.

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March 1st, 2007 at 1:30pm]

I got to talk to Mor this morning!! It was very exciting. He is done with his surgeries and is going to live. Hurrah! Besides being in mass amounts of pain, he is doing well. He will be able to go home from the hospital and recover in a week or so. They say it will be a 6 month recovery process. And then back to being a shooting instructor in the army. Hopefully they won't pull him out to Gaza again because then that would equal Joy being a big mess.
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Mysteries of the Sexes [Thursday
March 1st, 2007 at 2:59pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Reversing the Bad-Relationships Curse

We all know that dating can be a lot like an American Idol audition. Maybe it goes horribly, maybe you're nervous, maybe you crack under pressure, maybe you wear the wrong outfit, or maybe you nail the audition with perfect conversation and a one-of-a-kind style. Whatever the case, there's a lot of pressure in any early-on period of a relationship because the judges-though they may not say anything to your face-are just as harsh as our three household favorites. So if you continually find yourself being sent home rather than being sent on, chances are that either it simply wasn't meant to be or that you're not projecting your best possible side for your intended audience. Here are some clues into what may be going wrong, so you can change your luck -- and make sure you have enough time to really prove yourself. The keys to the masterful date:

The Right Level of Confidence

We all know one of the biggest turn-offs that happen during a first date (besides bad breath, bad manners, and bad shoes): Cockiness. If a date struts around like a peacock flashing his long list of accomplishments, then he comes off as either trying way too hard or having a planet-sized head. But because of that risk, many people have swung in the opposite direction-playing the low-key, laid-back, just-hanging card to make sure they don't come off as cocky as a Cowell. That aw-shucks attitude, however, can be as unappealing as the flex-biceps one, because people don't want partners who have the backbone of a worm. They want people who are able to find the middle ground of being secure with themselves-without having to sell themselves.

A Smart Outlook on the Future

At first, some of the traits that you're revealing to potential partners may have a sexy side-whether it's the guy who's into daredevil motor sports or a woman who's unafraid to show her mettle with tequila. But consciously or not, as time goes on, we tend to judge potential mates not always by what their image means right now-but what it will mean down the line when they're parents. Men and women not only judge each other on kissing quality, sense of humor, and general chemistry, but also how their personality will play out when they're a mother or a father. Not that you should be tiptoeing around who you are, but you have to be aware that you're not only being evaluated in the here and now, but also the then and later.

A Sense of Control

There can be something kind of sexy about the slightly disheveled, crazy-busy person who has a pile of papers three-feet high at his desk, or who has the ability to juggle her Blackberry, laptop, and other electronic gadgets 24-7. They're projecting the image of importance, which can come off as very appealing. But after a while, the frazzled, everything-all-over the-place persona is simply code for: You ain't got your stuff together. And at some point-maybe early, maybe later-it's going to be something that translates into: You're not right for me.

A Priority on Romance

If you're unlucky in love (and not happy about it), then it's likely you've tried just about every place to meet people to date-at bars, in bookstores, in coffee shops, online, at church, on the highway, wherever. Sometimes, those chance meetings will work out wonderfully, but more times than not, they'll have about the same success rate as Britney's PR person. The best path to romantic success: Friends. In fact, according to one survey, 78 percent of women feel that their friends are the best source to help find a significant other. So that means if you're a guy with few female friends or a woman with few guy friends, your mission ought to be networking and developing more social circles with friends, acquaintances, and co-workers of the opposite sex. The domino effect-without having to try so hard-can eventually lead you to the place you want: The perfect person.

credit - http://health.yahoo.com/experts/menlovesex/20488/reversing-the-bad-relationships-curse

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February 27th, 2007 at 3:32pm]

1b) If you HAVE NOT met your SO, do you plan to meet soon? Why haven't you met yet? Is money the issue? Have you not told those in your life (parents, siblings, friends)? There are so many different set backs, and we're all aware. What has been the hardest part of being apart so long and not being able to see or touch each other?

Well, I'm going to see Lynds in person for the first time on March 8th, and I could NOT be more stoked. This is the first time because I'm in school and dirt poor, so I have to take what I can get, lol. Quite a few people know about us, including my mom and dad. I know they're not jumping with joy, but they say they're happy because I'm happy, lol.

2) Who was the hardest person to tell your LDR about? Why? How did they react? Are there people who you haven't told yet? What do you think their reaction will be? Elaborate, give examples.

My parents were the hardest people to tell, but that's because we're both girls and not because we live so far away. They're slowly starting to accept it, and being very supportive, which is nice. They're excited to meet Lyndsay in April, my dad is going to Disney with us. I haven't told my best friend Allison yet. It's tough, because we're Southern Baptist and she's a Pastor's kid. I know she loves me and accepts me no matter what, I'm just nervous.

3) What is your favorite love story of all time? It can be from a movie, a book, a tv show, a song, real life... anything. Why is it your favorite? Do you relate to the story in any way?

Oh God, Princess Bride, easily. I love the idea that nothing can come between true love, not even death. I can relate to Buttercup and Westley's distance, but technically she thought he was dead, lol. It's just a beautiful, romantic story, with pirates. :)

4) I know it's unrelated, but what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Even if you aren't from the US/don't celebrate, you can still answer ;)

Well, Thanksgiving is past, but I'm Thankful for a lot of things. Lynds, my family and friends...right now I'm REALLY thankful for the grades I've been getting on my tests, lol.
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February 25th, 2007 at 3:44pm]

1b) If you HAVE NOT met your SO, do you plan to meet soon? Why haven't you met yet? Is money the issue? Have you not told those in your life (parents, siblings, friends)? There are so many different set backs, and we're all aware. What has been the hardest part of being apart so long and not being able to see or touch each other? We have not met yet. We fell in love too late and while he used to be able to speak to me every night (I used to stay up so late to see him online because the time difference is so huge!) we only now speak to each other occasionally because he is in the army. He does get a 2 weeks vacation, but he won't even be able to use that until he is fully healed which is going to be about 6 months. I am incapable of saving money because the cost of living in California is ridiculous and all of his money is going towards medical bills. I'm hoping he will be able to use the vacation to come out here though. If not, then the plan is him moving out to LA after he is discharged from the army. He has family here, so he will feel at home and be near me!

2) Who was the hardest person to tell your LDR about? Why? How did they react? Are there people who you haven't told yet? What do you think their reaction will be? Elaborate, give examples. I told my most recent boyfriend about Morthewan, it ended up being one of the main reasons we broke up. While Mor and I are so extremely in love we still see other people. I don't believe in preventing him from seeing anyone and I know that our love is so strong no one can get in the way. I havn't told too many other people, just really close friends, or people who I think will understand. It's hard to explain so when I talk about Mor (which I do all the time) to not so close friends I just say "My friend in Israel" but he is so much more!

Morthewan has also told significant others about me. In the end it is usually our significant others who can't handle not being the first person in our lives and leave us. It's all good though, I have Mor and I don't need anyone else although sometimes it gets lonely.

3) What is your favorite love story of all time? It can be from a movie, a book, a tv show, a song, real life... anything. Why is it your favorite? Do you relate to the story in any way? Aaah, I'm not sure if anyone here will know it, but I absolutely *LOVE* Narn i Hun Hurin. It's elvish for The Tale of the Children of Hurin which is a story Tolkien wrote and Christopher Tolkien released the notes/unfinished stories for books like The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales etc. Think Oedipus Rex meets Romeo and Juliet. Turin, the main character falls in love with his sister unknowning that it is his sister and then they have a very Romeo and Juliet type ending when they find out the truth. It is the most tragically sad and lovely thing I have ever read in my entire life. I reccomend it for everyone. I definitely relate to their love and their loss.

4) I know it's unrelated, but what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? I had to work on Thanksgiving, but work did cater us and the food was really awesome, so I suppose I am thankful for the food, haha.
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February 25th, 2007 at 3:40am]

Your name: Joy
Age: 21
Location: Orange County, California
Your significant other's name: Eldor (I call him Morethwan)
Their age: 19 (almost 20!)
Their location: Israel
How long have you been together? We have known each other for about 5 years and have been in love for about 3 of those years.
Have you met in person? Not yet. Because he is an Israeli citizen he has to serve in the army and until he is free from the army we won't be able to meet. He has another 17 months to go.
Are you in a long distance relationship at the moment? No. We are in love, but since we know nothing is going to happen anytime soon we both see other people, even know we know that in the end we will be together.
Before you got involved in this relationship, what did you think of online love? I always thought it was silly and impossible, but I have been proven wrong.
Are you in love? If so, when do you think it happened? Yeah, I am. I slowly feel in love with him the more I got to know him. Apparently he loved me too, but neither of us wanted to say anything because it all seemed kind of ridiculous since we live so far apart. We finally admited it to each other about 3 years ago.
What are some of your hobbies? I perform the Rocky Horror Picture Show (Janet) and write. I mostly write and read in the Tolkien fandom which is how we met.
What are some of your significant other's hobbies? He likes to shoot things. Haha. He also writes really amazing..well, everything, but the poems are my favorite.
What kinds of things do you both have in common/like to do together? We don't get to spend much time together because his internet access is limited. We only talk once in a blue moon, but we write to each other constantly. We used to write Tolkien fanfiction together, but it has since stopped due to the whole army thing.
Write a brief summary of how you met (if it's long, put it under an lj-cut): Myself and two good online friends were the moderators of a Tolkien online roleplaying game. He auditioned for Feanor with this really amazing piece. He joined the game and I decided to pick up Nerdanel (Feanor's wife in the Tolkien stories) to play off of his Feanor. We got to know each other a lot better that way and we slowly fell in love. 

Unfortunately Mor was recently almost killed by a grenade (thank god he is still alive!). He is in the hospital with a collapsed lung, 200+ pieces of metal all over his body and other such internal organ damage. He just had his first of 3 or 4 surgeries and is due for the rest of them over the next week. The doctors say he will live, but I still can't help but be a fretting worried mess. After he is fully recovered (they say 6 months) he still has to go back to the army and finish out his time. There would still be the possibility of another grenade and the possibility of him not being so lucky this time. I don't know if I could live with myself if he died and I never even had the chance to kiss him and tell him how much I love him. 

I suppose I just needed someone(s) to listen as my friends just don't get it.
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Crazy [Thursday
February 22nd, 2007 at 3:58pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

so I posted once before, just the survey thing. So me and my "online" guy, Jared,  were going to finally meet in march (march 9th) but that didn't work out because my parents are not ok with it. I planned on just going to see him without telling my parents, I mean I am 20 and I live on my own. But he wanted my parents to know, and wouldn't want that to ruin my relationship with my parents, which is nice I guess. And I get along with my parents very well.  So now who knows when or if we are going to meet. He has off work this week which him and his mom were going to go to the Mall of America and stay for a couple days, which is only like 2 hours from me.  So then I got all excited but the tickets were way to much money last minute. Now we are hoping in April him and his family want to still go to Mall of America. Then I would finally be able to see him, but not as much as I would like, because I have school and work, but hopefully I would take off work. But I guess its better then nothing. We have been in a relationship for over a year now and I really hope it works out. Many times I get worried that it's not goign to work out or we are never going to get to meet. And I'm really nervous about meeting, I'm afraid that he won't like me.  I sometimes think that I'm crazy for being in love with a guy over the internet, who I've never even met.

If anyone has any advice or ideas just let me know. 
Also what to do about parents who don't understand or are afraid they are a "online predator" or something. And trust me he's not!

Or, haha, if anyone knows how to get really cheap plane tickets to that would be great :D

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:D [Wednesday
February 21st, 2007 at 2:49pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Alley comes in 15 days. That's only 2 weeks and 1 day before she gets here. :D

I also booked a flight to Florida (where she lives) today. I fly out of Buffalo on April 14th, and come home on the 23rd. I can't even put into words how amazing this is. It's not going to be all OMGENDOFTHEWORLD when she leaves now, because I'll be going there in less than a month. This is absolutely incredible. We're going to see The Academy Is, Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship together too. Which is also quite fabulous. :D

Okay, I'm too excited to do an actual good post. Expect pictures and excited entries when she's here. :P

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“She’s a keeper!” [Monday
February 19th, 2007 at 1:46pm]

By Kristin Bailey Murphy It happens to most men sooner or later: He’s dating someone, things are going well, then... wham! The woman does something small and seemingly inconsequential that makes him fall for her, hard. What, you may be asking yourself, is that special element that changes his thinking from “She’s fun” to “She’s The One?” Well, it turns out men are more than happy to walk down memory lane and reveal those pivotal moments—and Catherine Cardinal, Ph.D., dating expert and author of The Cure for the Common Life, explains what women everywhere can learn from their stories!

“She got my weird sense of humor”
The case history: “Not long after we’d begun dating, Anneli unexpectedly showed up on the set of a short film I was making. The scene we were shooting was… how can I put it? A little bit crude. I’ve dated girls that have been kind of uptight about stuff I think is hysterical, so after the scene was over I didn’t know what to expect. I was relieved — and kind of surprised — to see that it made her laugh. In fact, she was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down her face and she could barely breathe. That’s when I knew I had a good one. Two months later I proposed.”
—Matt Ballard, 35, New York, NY; married to Anneli for two years

Love lesson learned: A shared sense of humor is essential
Let’s face it: No matter how much you love someone, your life together will get dull if you can’t laugh your way through it. “Choosing someone who is not rigid and who can let go with a good belly laugh, especially over the same things you find funny, is a win-win situation,” says Dr. Cardinal. “It ensures you’ll have an animated, lively life.” And how great is it to know your mate finds you fun and entertaining? In other words, she gets you!

“She challenged me to do the right thing”
The case history: “I knew Marianne was The One when she encouraged me to work through a tough situation I was having with a co-worker. She allowed me to vent but also challenged me to see things from another perspective and not take the easy way out and ignore the situation, which was my impulse. Because of her influence, I was able to approach my co-worker and get a better understanding of where he was coming from. After that I knew Marianne would never be someone who walked behind me, but someone who would always stand next to me.”
—Ken Kish, 33, San Clemente, CA; married to Marianne for six years

Love lesson learned: Disagreements can help you grow closer
It’s easy to unconditionally support someone’s every decision. Challenge your date to live up to certain standards, though, and you’ll gain even more points by showing you’ve got a backbone—and that he or she will become a better person as a result. “Anyone who encourages you to face a challenge is more likely to be a consistent, predictable partner—and one who realizes that unless you grow, you both get held back,” says Dr. Cardinal.

“She allows me to pursue my passion, even though it takes time away from her”
The case history: “I knew Marnie was a cool girl when she never gave me grief about being a surfer. That was a big deal because my previous girlfriend was always mad when I went surfing instead of spending every nanosecond with her. The clincher? Once, Marnie drove eight hours with me from Atlanta to Florida just so I could get in the water. After that, how could I not fall for her? Even now, she’s still OK with me taking off to the beach every weekend. She lets me do my thing because she knows it keeps me centered and happy. I don’t know many guys — or any surfers — that get away with that!”
—Dirk Aulabaugh, 36, Los Angeles, CA; married to Marnie for ten years

The Rest HereCollapse )

credit - http://msn.match.com/msn/article.aspx?articleid=6931&TrackingID=516165&BannerID=541888&menuid=6>1=9066

Article courtesy of Happen magazine, www.happenmag.com.
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YAY [Monday
February 19th, 2007 at 4:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I cannot believe it! I posted well over six months ago, and I don't know if any of you will remember. My boyfriend payed for my plane ticket to visit, and it would have been our first meeting after 4 years of knowing eachother, but I was sectioned and therefore not allowed to travel. He hardly got any of the money back, and what he did get back we accidentally spent on phone calls... you know how hard it is to say goodbye. Anyway, since then I've been taken off my section and I'm out of hospital, but unable to work or study because of my illness, so  I'm entitled to benefits. The people paying them have taken forever to get the money to me, I'm still owed the money I was meant to get during my admission, but today the disability money was put into my account, backpayed from October, and it's over £1500!!! We were really struggling of thinking of ways to raise money, and we didn't know how we were going to manage. Now, all he needs to do is sort out his passport!!!!!!! This is exciting, but I'm trying not to go over the top because from last time I defiantely know how it can go wrong. If is rather spiffing though, don't you think?

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An introduction.. [Saturday
February 17th, 2007 at 1:24pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hello! I'm new. I've been sort of desperate for a place to talk about the things that have been going on in my life (specifically relating to online relationships), but all the places I'd found were all about how to find someone online for dating, and that was -definitely- not something I needed help with. So imagine my delight when I chanced upon this community, exactly what I'd been looking for :).

I figured the best way to start off was with the survey :

Your name: Brittainy

Age: 17
Location: Washington, USA
Your significant other's name: Kevin
Their age: 18

Their location: Georgia, USA
How long have you been together? I'm not actually sure. Our official anniversary (we just picked a date) is May 22nd, so let's go with almost a year. It's definitely been longer than that, but oh well.
Have you met in person? We have, but it was only for a day.
Are you in a long distance relationship at the moment? Yep.
Before you got involved in this relationship, what did you think of online love? I thought it was online love. Didn't have any extremely negative or positive feelings about it.
Are you in love? If so, when do you think it happened? I don't really know if I'm in love, to tell the truth.
What are some of your hobbies? I'm an internet junkie. Other than that I like to read, crochet (I'm horrible at it), etc.
What are some of your significant other's hobbies? He's obsessed with video games, computers, stuff like that.
What kinds of things do you both have in common/like to do together? Not much actually. The only real connection we have is the internet (I know computers, but I don't -know- them like he does).
Give a brief summary of how you met (if it's long, put it under an lj-cut): We met about 2 or so years ago in an IRC chatroom for this game I play. We had a huge argument about something silly, didn't talk for a couple months, started talking again, had another argument... this happened about 4 times. Eventually we settled down and just talked like normal people. During the time that we just talked I dated a few other guys (Kevin and I weren't really romantically involved - I knew that he liked me but I wasn't particularly interested), but eventually our friendship progressed into a romance.

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February 17th, 2007 at 12:31pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I need some help. My boyfriend lives in Canada, and I in NY, and I'm finally going to see him on very short notice March 9th. It'll be our first meeting and I'm super excited :D We were just waiting for confirmation from his dad that I would be allowed to stay at his house. What I really am worried about is the passport situation. I have been to Canada once, but we were on vacation in Maine and crossed the boarder (which was all of 3 minutes from where we were) by car. I know that by flying you do need a passport to enter Canada. I know the local office I need to go to, I guess it's the DMV or something, but I would also like to know about how long it's going to take, if anyone knows, and about how much money it's going to cost. Steve thankfully is going to help me pay my way there, but the cost of the passport and the length of time I need to wait to actually recieve it scares me. Also, I've never ever been on a plane before. I've heard of horror stories with the airlines losing their bags etc, so I've heard of carry ons (thank you Meet the Parents, and my ex boyfriend who works at an airport) but don't know how big/small of a suitcase I should get just so I can carry on. I would also like to know if I can't bring certain things on the plane like my purse, like if that would count as luggage or something. Any tips is very appreciated!

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Fin. [Tuesday
February 13th, 2007 at 6:58am]

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I apologize for not having something more upbeat to post after the last one, but.

Just over a week ago we - I suppose you could say I, although that doesn't seem fair - put an end to a fantastic, horrible, best-six-years of my life relationship. We saw eachother twice last year, once in summer and once in Christmas.

We had our kids named, our future planned and he was the man I saved myself for. I had hoped we could work it out, but it's clear that's never going to happen.

Thanks for all the supprt and a place to let my happiness and frustration out.


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