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2: Post lyrics to any song that describes your relationship. Explain how it relates.

Bleach 2nd opening (not sure of the real name :3)

Sadness and pain for which you cant recover has wounded you
In the same way, I too, bear the burden of an indellble past.
Don't your will to fire.
I will never let go of your hand.

I wonder, will I lose you someday?

I want to protect you, you with your fading smile,because...

Even if the voice calling out, which resounds within me, fades
Even if the winds that follow at that tim erase it

I will figure you out!

Sadness and pain from which you can't recover has wounded you, but
Don't say things like "I don't laugh anymore" or "I hate people".
Because everything that happens in the unforeseen future has a meaning
Things are fine as they are now, but I think there will come a time
When you will realize it.

You and me, two have spoken.

Hrm, this really discribes what he has done for me. When we met, I was an emotional trainwreck (as I like to put it), and I had a really hard time with trusting guys in general, because of the abuse from my father. Ive also been struggling with a form of autism all my life, and at that point, I didnt really know what was wrong with me, since my parents decided not to tell me :D.

We started really talking after being in a chat made by one of our friends. He is the first guy that I have ever immediatly trusted. Slowly he helped me get past my difficulties, and I tried to help him with his. We have both had some pretty horrific pasts. He decided that he wasnt gonna let anything get to me anymore, and that he would always keep me smiling :3. Its only because of what hes done for me, that I am who I am today :D.

hehe that was kinda long @_@

Great things to do romantically with your SO:

1. Tell the person how much you love them with the emotion you feel in your voice
2. Always let them know how much they mean to you
3. Don't hide them from your friends
4. Phone sex~ xD
5. Always listen to things that they say they like to hear or do, so that you can suprise them every so often with things they didnt think youd remeber.
6. Send them little things. Doesnt have to be expensive, just something that they know theyll love from you
7. Personally, I love to be shown off. Espcially in front of the jealous ex~ *snickers*
8. Talk about your future with them. The fights that I have with my bf over our future kid's names is always fun.
9. Tell them everything. Its a wonderful feeling to know that someone trusts you more than anyone else.
10. Write letters. Sure its slow, and by the time they get it, youll prolly have told them everything it says, but opening the mailbox to find the person you love's handwriting is an amazing feeling~.
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