Lana (tifabelle92) wrote in _online_love_,

Maybe someone can help me with this one

I love my b/f and everything but lately it seems things are going terribly wrong. There's this girl that he works with, really nice and all, but she wanted to be friends with him and being the nice guy that he is, he agreed. So they hang out sometimes and everything but now she tells me that she is falling more and more in love with him everyday and that when he is upset or we fight she cries. That bothers me like crazy and i still cant stop thinking about it. She says she doesnt want us to break up but it hurts her to see us together and it doesnt help her depression much. He assures me that he loves me and me only but he doesnt know what to do about this situation. He wants her to back off but neither of us knows how to tell her. Another thing is, i tried to be friends with her but she said it bothered her that i said she wasnt much of a threat as far as my relationship with my bf. I really dont know what to do, and with this recent fight me and my boyfriend had, its not making anything better. What should i do?
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