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OK I just wanna show off what my g/f worte for me. She worte a really sweet poem! Well here it is.
Come with me ~ Lay with me and see the roses wilt ~ Play with me by the sea ~ Touch me and you will see the real me ~ Kiss me and you will be so free ~ Come and laugh with me ~ And you will see the world with new light ~ Tell me you love me ~ And you will be so cherished ~ Come sit with me under the cherry tree ~ And then you will see ~ Cut with me the vain that binds use into mortality ~ And we will live as the immortals ~ Come and die with me ~ Please die with me ~ Come and take my hand ~ And I will love you for an eternity ~ Die with me ~ Oh yes my love ~ Yes my love ~ My soul ~ My heart ~ My lover ~ My soul mate ~ Die with me.....
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