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Last time I posted about my situation I did alot of complaining and had alot of doubts. I'm back to report that the doubts are gone once again and I have no complaints anymore! Before I felt like things were falling apart and started to doubt the strength of our relationship because we hadn't been talking that much. We talked often but we didn't really open up about things for a while. He had given a list of reasons why that was but I still felt like there was a deeper issue. He finally admitted that there was. He had gotten upset about something and it was something that had really effected me too so he didn't want to go off on me and show that he was mad so he ended up supressing it to protect my feelings and be strong for me. He had supressed it so much that he didn't even realize this was what had been making him close up to me. The night before last we really got things out in the open. The past two days we have been more open with each other in just one night than we had in the past month and a half since the incident. We are really back on track now and have come out of this stronger than ever. We both can't wait to be with each other as soon as we can and are willing to do whatever we have to to make it happen. We both know we can make it through whatever we have to in order to be together too. There has been a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. He still feels bad that he closed up like that but I understand why he did and am just glad that we got through it. We are more in love now than we've ever been. I'm happier now than ever. That's all I really have to say. Thank you to all of those that offered kind words and support to help me keep my head up. I'm really glad I joined this community. *hugs you all*
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