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Challenge 1
First, I want those of you in a relationship at this current moment to try and create a list of 100 things (or more) of cute things he/she does, things that are unique about your relationship, things you do together that make you happier than anything else, reasons you love him/her, etc. If you can't come up with 100, post as many as you can. Try to be as unique and interesting as possible, it's a lot more fun to read this way.

My 100
  1. He is so funny
  2. He tells me sweet things all the time
  3. Calls me whenever he can no matter what
  4. Kissie noises are so cute!
  5. He apologizes so much when he knows he is wrong
  6. Our conversations are very interesting
  7. He is very sexy
  8. Always cheers me up whenever I am down
  9. Never stops telling me how much he loves me
  10. Always says that I am beautiful
  11. How he acts is the cutest ever
  12. Even when we fight, he makes me laugh
  13. Always makes everything better
  14. He actually cares about me
  15. His laugh
  16. His brown eyes
  17. His voice makes me get girly feelings inside.
  18. Some of his habits…I don’t know but they’re cute
  19. The way he sings is heavenly
  20. The way he smiles gives me tingles
  21. His eyes, I get losted in them. Seriously.
  22. Takes me away when I don’t want to be with my family.
  23. Always finds time for me
  24. Does the things I want to do. And I do what he wants to do
  25. Takes me anywhere I want to go
  26. Never will cheat on me
  27. Does sweet things for me
  28. Will never hurt me
  29. Tickles me (I like it)
  30. The way he ROARS makes me giggle.
  31. We make fun of people together and agree with it
  32. Pick out each other’s clothes
  33. Sing together
  34. Play video games together and fight about the game. Lol
  35. I love his hair
  36. He’s a football player and I hate them but I love him.
  37. I would gladly die for him
  38. He loves sports, me too!
  39. He is the most perfect boyfriend ever
  40. He created an LJ just for me! Two in fact.
  41. He moved to Texas to be closer to me
  42. Protective and possessive, and I love it!
  43. He is my Prince and I am his Princess
  44. He dresses like a metal head and I dress like a prep (even though I’m not)
  45. He is the happiest person that I know and I love that
  46. Knows when I am sad and not having a good day, then he makes it into a good day.
  47. We’re in love and will never leave one another.
  48. I can never get enough of him and he can never get enough of me.
  49. Calls me the cutest and sweetest names ever
  50. Cliff is anything and everything that I have ever wanted in someone.
  51. Loves kitties, just like me!
  52. Plays with my puppy
  53. He loves animals
  54. Tries to speak Spanish (hehe, i think its awesome he tries)
  55. Sends me music and things, as well as, buys me things
  56. Never fails to amaze me with the things that he does
  57. Went to see me perform at the football games when I was the mascot
  58. Went to my basketball games, even though I didnt play. I'm the manager.
  59. Gets really into his music and I love it
  60. We act immature around one another and its funny
  61. He loves cars and I love cars
  62. He gave me a jersey with this number on it 62 duh!
  63. The way he acts like a girly makes me laugh a lot
  64. He makes me blush
  65. The way he pretends to act mad, lol
  66. I think its cute when he gets mad and throws things … shh! Don’t tell
  67. Love it when he tells about when he was in high school
  68. Lol. Kinky-ness… moving on Lol *blushes*
  69. We could stay on the phone for hours. We’ve done it for almost 17-18 hours one time.
  70. Role playing is always fun!
  71. He makes me feel like a girly.
  72. Flirts with me like all the time
  73. The way he is emotional, soo cute!
  74. The way he says I love you, makes me melt inside
  75. He makes me feel so special when he says he misses me, loves me, and will do anything for me
  76. Has never checked out another girl since we’ve been together
  77. He’s stubborn and that’s cute!
  78. Always thinks about me
  79. Worries about me
  80. Appreciates me and the things that I do for him
  81. Plays Texas Hold’em with my family on Sundays
  82. He’s a virgin
  83. Would never even think about hitting me
  84. Understands me
  85. Likes to take pictures of me and talk about me
  86. We watch movies and television shows together
  87. Loves holding on to me
  88. His kisses are amazing
  89. The way he hugs me, wow.
  90. I love teasing him
  91. When he looks at me, it makes me uneasy in a very good way.
  92. His is so strong!
  93. Loves to literally pick me up
  94. Tells me I’m skinny when I say I’m fat.
  95. He loves my body the way it is and I love his body the way it is
  96. His lips were made to kiss mine
  97. We like playing with one another. It’s fun!
  98. No matter where we are, we always have fun
  99. He whines when we’re apart
  100. Our love for one another is the most unconditional, deep, pure, and true love there is
Cliff's 100

1. Its cute when she blabbers
2. It’s cute when she yells
3. Her smile is cute
4. It’s cute when she makes a mean face
5. We kiss a lot and can never kiss too much
6. Its fun when we blabber back and forth
7. We tell jokes to one another
8. The funny faces she makes are cute
9. We look in each other's eyes a lot
10. We always say how much we love each other
11. We work out issues we have with each other
12. We hold hands
13. We are very touchy feely
14. We make love
15. She wears her bracelets I got her
16. It’s cute when she’s mad at me
17. When she talks like a little kid
18. When we go shopping together
19. She loves everything about me
20. She’s so nice
21. She’s so sweet
22. She’s so caring
23. She’s very trust worthy
24. She’s so beautiful
25. Her eyes are amazing
26. It’s cute when I scare her
27. We are always wanting to spend time with each other
30. we think about each other constantly
31. we write poems to each other
32. we spend as much time together as possible
33. We dont flirt with others
34. we flirt with each other
35. we do everything for each other
36. she likes cars
37. She likes music
38. She like animals
39. She is really smart
40. when we watch movies together
41. when we play together
42. when we go places
43. we do crazy things
44. we do funny things
45. we like to snuggle lots
46. we sleep together
47. we play videogames
48. She helps me when I’m doing something with my car
49. She puts a lot of thingys on her backpack of me
50. we call each other when we can see each other
51. we both get really hyper
52. we keep each other warm
53. we wash my car together
54. its really special when we talk about our future
55. She’s got cute giggles
56. We send text messages
57. We play with nerf guns
58. We walk together
59. She giggles when she feels a lot of g-forces when I’m driving
60. I pick her up from school
61. I take her to chicos tacos
62. I go to her sporting events
63. we but each other gifts
64. We go to the mall
65. We joke around a lot
66. we'd die for each other
67. when she says my name
68. we only have a few people on our messenger list
69. we tell each other about one another
70. we play catch
71. we like taking pictures of each other
72. I take her out to eat
73. She tells me a lot of reasons why she loves me
74. her laugh makes me laugh
75. She tells me what to do I do it
76. we listen to each other
78. she has pretty hair
79. she has awesome skin
80. I love the way she dresses
81. I like watching her put stuff on her face
82. she smells really good all the time
83. She helps me cook and I help her
84. we clean together
85. We eat ice cream together
86. we go on the mountain and look at the city at night
87. We go on random trips
88. She helps me a lot with finding a job
89. We go swimming together
90. We go to the movies
91. We go to the zoo
92. We miss each other the minute one of us leaves
93. we cant wait to be in each other's arms
94. we cry cause we miss each other soo much
95. we tell each other what we did while we were away from one another
96. we trust each other soo much
97. We wouldn’t do anything to hurt one another
98. we like making videos
99. we go to animal shelters
100. her smile makes me smile


And when we just shared these lists of what we love about one another, we felt bad. Why? Cuz we missed some of the things that the other mentioned. That proves that there is more than 100 things that we love about one another. HOW SWEET!!!!

*~*Cliff and Joanna Always n Forever*~*

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