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Challenge 1
First, I want those of you in a relationship at this current moment to try and create a list of 100 things (or more) of cute things he/she does, things that are unique about your relationship, things you do together that make you happier than anything else, reasons you love him/her, etc. If you can't come up with 100, post as many as you can. Try to be as unique and interesting as possible, it's a lot more fun to read this way.

If you aren't in a relationship right now, don't worry about it because I've got a challenge for you too. You can either do the same thing except with a/a few past relationship(s). If you ended on a not so wonderful note, then try to make a list of things he/she did that annoyed you, angered you, pissed you off, etc.

We cheated and wrote it together instead of writing 100 each.

Marie-Ève/Rapi's list

1. His naugthy giggle
2. The cowboy hat ( The Red Neck, ahuahuah)
3. The fact that "Drawing" as a complete different meaning for us.
4. When he says I love you at the most unexpected
5."That is sexy 4 reel 4 sheezle", his first masterpiece, a self portrait of me..
6. When he tells me I sing bad ;_;
7. When he mocks my "HMPH" sound ;_;
8. Whenever he tries to get me to understand some weird American humor.
9. The "Yeah yeah yeah, babeh"s
10.Whenever he talks about his truck. Men loves their cars too much. D:
11 When he protects me on RO. <3
12.His ego is very sexy
13.When he randomly turns his webcam on, even though he doesn't like it, because I do. <3
14.When we watch movies together, yeah!
15.The fact we're writting that together.
16. He's makes hot sex sounds, muahahahaha.
17.Talking on the phone for hours and hours without noticing time is passing
18. I love it whenever he "Rawrs"
19. The kissy noises!
20. Whenever he begs me to stop my air guitar
21. How sweet he iiiiis~
22. His smile
23. His penis kekeke
24. When we talk about old cartooons
25.When he mumbles stuff, right before he falls asleep
26.His smile, did I say his smile?
27. Our first phone call was 7 months ago and I still don’t understand his voice mail message, go redneck! :D « Ei, its bran,forwhateverreasonidunse???????(What?) Right now so leave a message, beep. » ;_;
28. He kinky, <3 dat, ahueaheuhae.
29. « Giiii giiiii »
30. Whenever I get him to say French words! <33
31. THE SEXY VOICE <3333333333333
32. One of our first phonr dirty talk started with Goldielock and the three bears.
33. I’ll admit it, it’s so cute, even though it’s frustrating, whenever he teases me of makes fun of me. Just playing around, of course.
34. I know he loves my air guitar. « MEEW MEEEREEW MREWWWWWWW WOUIIN OWOUWION »
35. He’s just so good at making me feel better
36. Such a optimistic young man
37. Yeah, okay, I’ll say it. He’s the best.
38. I’m kinda running out of idea. But whenever he’s mean about Canada, I punch him.
39. When I was telling him about the importance of eating healthy food...While eating a chocolate bar. <3
40. «It’s snowing! » -« It’s always snowing. »
41. One day I WILL convince him of watching Brokeback Mountain with me. I muuuust.
42. Sometimes he can be so unpredictable, it’s awesome.
43. Whenever we plan our future, I just can’t wait, lab.
44. Our list sucks compared to Sarry’s, but we don’t care xD
45. When he went « THIS GAME SUCKS » and stopped filling the list with me :<
46. We have a theme song, it’s naugthy. :3 Possum Kingdom!
47. When he promises something and tells me everything is going to be okay, I trust him.
48. We’re both opiniated and stubborn too, interesting discussions.
49. He really likes my mom and I think my mom likes him too :o
50. Hotty Notty mommy
51. I’m stealing a lot of ideas from Sarri’s list, but I like when he teaches me things. :3
52. Sometimes if I ask him to get me something or he offers it, I expect it to happen, then I realize he far away and I’m sad...But it means we have some kind of connection, yuh <3 (Like, asking for a glass of milk or something)
53. We fall asleep together, once my mom picked up the phone in the morning and said we were both snoring ;_;
54. He loves his Xbox controller a bit too much. Kekeke
55. He’s such a LOTR nerd, it’s cute x3
56. He puts up with me @_@
57. He doesn’t care about my toaster, but it’s okay, I forgive him.
58. Whenever distance or something is bothering me, I just think about him and that he loves me and I get that fuzzy lab feeling and everything’s okay
59. I’m in his forums signature, aaaaw. <3
60. He’s honest and he says what he thinks.
61. He saw a band's name and went "ei, that's French isn't it? " One day I'll make him bilingual.
62. He listens to good music in general
63. Once, I was Dora The Explorer, and he was the monkey, and that ended up with sex. ;_;
64.Sometimes he's so American ;_; But  it's a part of him, I can't help but find that cute. Ahauahueuah.
65. He loves my glasses. :o
66. He likes listening to my endless rambling about anything (Or so he says, I think he lies. >_>)
67. We're going to have fat bald children called Arutema 2 and Arutema 3.
68. We're going to have a threesome with Adri
69. Lol, sixty nine.

Brandon/Funnyferrell's list

1. She is beautiful
2. she sings
3. she tells me things I don't need to know
4.She begs me to stay awake
5. We watch movies together
6. She's so cute when she's submissive
7. Her "Aaaaaah!" sound
8. When we play games together
9. Paying huge phone bills to talk to her
10. I love it whenever I'M right about her
11. I love it when she snooooores
12. Love when she whines
13. Love it when she lies, and it's so obvious she is
14. Love it when she smiles
15 And when she bluuushes, because she's embarassed
16.Love it when she accepts my compliments
17. Love when she mreows
18. When she touches my knee
19.The kissy noises
20. Her air guitar
21.When she's mad and speaks some French
22. when she comes back from school and is incredibely horny
23. When we talks about politics
24. When I use big words she doesn't know just because it's funny
25. The way she says "idiot" and "pathetic"
26. Her ass
27. Whenever she says "hate", it sounds like "ate", aheuah, YOU ATE HIM?! amagad
28. When we're lazy together, like, just now. We were supposed to do 200 and now we're only doing 100. we're lazy.
29. When we talk about cheesecake
30. When she tells me how I have a beautiful smile
31. How my cell phone always die whenever we do something interesting.
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