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Challenge 1
First, I want those of you in a relationship at this current moment to try and create a list of 100 things (or more) of cute things he/she does, things that are unique about your relationship, things you do together that make you happier than anything else, reasons you love him/her, etc. If you can't come up with 100, post as many as you can. Try to be as unique and interesting as possible, it's a lot more fun to read this way.

If you aren't in a relationship right now, don't worry about it because I've got a challenge for you too. You can either do the same thing except with a/a few past relationship(s). If you ended on a not so wonderful note, then try to make a list of things he/she did that annoyed you, angered you, pissed you off, etc.

1. If we're on the phone and being cute-sy, he'll go "I wub oooo"
2. Before we get off the phone every night, we have to sing a kid's song together (the first lil duck with a feather on his back, he led all the others with a quack quack quack :))
3. We also have to kiss the phone before we leave simultaneously.
4. He gave me the nickname Sarry as opposed to Sarri because he wanted to be unique (even before we started dating :-p)
5. He's stubborn and opinionated, and so am I. We have amazing discussions because of it.
6. We bought each other necklaces. His is a silver chain, mine is a beautiful necklace with three CZ's.
7. We get along with each other's parents amazingly well
8. He's a great kid, even though he doubts himself.
9. He's the only person who can make me stop having a panic attack, and I don't know how he does it.
10. He teases me, saying things like "meep" (where I will throw a little hissy fit) and "aflac" (where I will burst into a huge fit of laughter
11. He thinks I cough cute
12. He loves Finding Nemo!
13. We watch movies together sometimes, and one made us both cry which I find so cute.
14. He is so funny and acts immature sometimes, it's sweet
15. We plan our futures together
16. He's had a hard life, but makes me feel proud because he's comfortable talking about it with me
17. He taught me to appreciate what I have
18. I would die for him
19. He sings to me
20. He likes to pretend he's tough, but isn't.
21. He makes fun of my favorite band lmao
22. He appreciates his mother and step-dad.
23. We'll be together for the first time this summer.
24. We cry together
25. He tells me I'm perfect
26. He always hangs up the phone first because he knows it kills me to do it :-p
27. He is honest, even when I don't want to hear it.
28. He offered to give me back rubs, three months in advance :-p
29. ...and cook me dinner, hahaha
30. Our parents like to tease us about each other :)
31. Sometimes we have conversations about power rangers, and pokemon.
32. We discovered that a lot of pokemon have dirty sounding names...
33. He doesn't hide our relationship
34. He treats me like a princess
35. He calls me his princess
36. He's my bear cub, and I'm his lil' lamb
37. He puts up with me!!!!!!
38. He plays world of warcraft, which drives me absolutely nuts, but it's his little quirk so it adds to his cuteness
39. He makes me giggle. A lot.
40. He appreciates me
41. He made me realize that life is short, and that I am lucky.
42. He teaches me about historical things, wars and the like, that I would never understand otherwise
43. He has opinions and beliefs, but accepts mine.
44. He lovessss his puppy
45. He can make me sad, but he always feels sorry and he never wants me to feel that way
46. He thinks he doesn't deserve me, but he does
47. He can tell when I'm sad.
48. He makes me give my mom hugssss
49. Heck, he has inside jokes with my mom :-p
50. He's corrupted me, in a good way. Period.
51. He sticks up for himself, and for me.
52. We've flirted since I was 13.
53. He thinks I'm beautiful
54. He makes me feel safe, to the point that if I'm scared I'll remind myself that he's always there to keep me safe.
55. If I'm sad, I whisper "it's okay, Matty loves me" to myself. It makes me feel better.
56. He acts better than his dad... that's all I need to say...
57. He's stronggg
58. He has beautiful brown eyes.
59. His hair... mmmm
60. I'll actually keep this one: He is a virgin :-p
61. Treats me like his equal even though I'm littler
62. Sometimes we say random words to each other, repetitively, and giggle like morons.
63. We want to have a pet pig, who's a girl, named Batman.
64. He would give me the world if he could, and vice versa
65. He says such sweet, romantic, complex, thought out things when I sit there blushing and speechless
66. Feels terrible about things he does, even after I forgive him like crazy
67. He can make me smile all the time
68. We have a special song - Amazed by Lonestar
69. He is going to my prom in a year :)
70. He's dominant and I'm submissive, always has been that way.
71. It makes us laugh that our initials are S and M
72. He makes it clear that I'm an important part of his life
73. He tells me he wants to move here to be with me.
74. He keeps his promises
75. He has three adorable doggies
76. He as "I Loove Sarahhh" in his profile :)
77. He calls me daily
78. I can trust him, and a am comfortable calling him in tears and such
79. He has faults - which makes him perfect
80. He asked me out ;)
81. He knows when to stop teasing me - for the most part.
82. "I know you know" "I know you know I know" "I know you know I know you know" etc.
83. He tells me he wants to marry me.
84. Treats me like his baby girl, but also like his best friend.
85. He makes me blush so much, so easy.
86. We're going to a wedding together this summer.
87. He's staying in my house with me for two months... EEP!!
88. He taught me that there's good music out there aside from just what I listen to :-p
89. He kinda turned me into a hopeless romance :) <3
90. He makes me KNOW he appreciates what I do for him
91. He always laughs
92. He leaves me myspace comments... sometimes :-p when I bribe him lmao
93. He only made a myspace for me lmao cutie.
94. Mine is better. Case closed :-p
95. He threatens to tickle me when he comes up here
96. He tells me how he's going to kiss me *blush*
97. We're going to see fireworks together the fourth of July - our anniversary
98. When we argue, he's the only person I can't win against.
99. He looks at baby animals with me
100. We're in love.
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