Marie-Ève (rapi) wrote in _online_love_,

Quizzie thing I stole from loversfaraway, some minor problems but much lab.
And a puppy.

Baaaaah. I been looking up plane things, it's so complicated. I can't book anything by myself because I'm only 17 (Well, 16. >_>) and it's an international flight. I think I will have to hire someone from the travel agency that's over 18 to travel with me, something like that. It's going to cost a fucking leg, bleh.
I'm also having problems with school. If I fail, I can't go to college, and I can't go to Georgia this summer, but I'm trying, I'm trying. I won't give up. ><
Anyway, I loooooove that maaaaan. <333
He's so awesome, huhuhuh. We started filling that 100 things challenge thing last night, we did it together on the phone, and we cheated. Kekeke >:3
We're going to send 50 each, that's 100, RIGHT?!


1. What's your best memory of you and your boy together? Together counts even if it's just over phone/webcam

2. What's your worst memory of you and your boy together? Something embarrasing, etc... ;)

3. If you were awarded your dream destination, all expenses included, where would you take your sweetheart and why?

1. A lot, but I think the first time I saw him on webcam was awesome. We just kept smiling and smiling and just looking at each other's window without saying anything. Then I had happy tears because I'm so emo. And I really told myself, damn, I love that man. I don't remember anything extremely amazing, that will be for this summer, but we always have awesome conversations.

2. Some fights we had, his ex being a giga-moron and...Once I farted loudly during seks. BUT THAT WAS AN ACCIDENT. T_T
I'm always embarassed whenever my familly tries to talk to him too, their English sucks.

3. Now, I have no idea. A trip around the world?! :D
I want to bring him in Greenland, so he'll be like "nu im cold" and I'll be like "come here, I'll warp u up babeh" Muahaha.
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