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What do you think, based on your own relationship/past experiences, is the best thing about having an online relationship?

I like that when you first meet, it's entirely based on trust and communication. A lot of relationships offline are questioned because of things like the appearance of the other person, but online a picture isn't completely necessary. You don't have to ask yourself if you're dating for the right reason because you know there isn't really a wrong one. The more you communicate, the more you get to know all the small details about a person that you may not learn otherwise. Matt hadn't seen a (good) picture of me until January, and we'd known each other for 3 years. Regardless of this, we had the closest relationship I'd ever seen two people have. Plus, since you're far away, when you do things like meet and call each other for the first time, it's so much more exciting than I'd imagine it would be otherwise.

What about the worst (besides the fact that you don't know who's on the other end)?

Distance hurts. A lot. When I got myself into this I didn't realize that he and I would be this serious. It hurts a lot sometimes... I remember once when I was on the phone with him I had a panic attack because it felt like he was there but I looked around the room and he wasn't. Sometimes you forget how far you are, especially if you constantly talk on the phone, and when you realize you can't just touch one another it's scary and very upsetting. You have to rely on faith, and sometimes it's hard to do that. I only wish I could walk across the street and hug him whenever he was sad, or kiss him on his birthday...

If your current relationship didn't work out, do you think you'd try online dating again? Why/why not?

It's hard to say; I've been in online relationships before where they didn't work out at all and yet I somehow winded up in one again. I never thought I'd go back to the internet, but I did. If it didn't work out I'd definitely wait a few years and see where life brings me before considering finding a relationship online again. Then again, I didn't ask for this, so you never know if we broke up if I met someone the same was and accidently fell for them.
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