Tamara (tiggy162004) wrote in _online_love_,

What do you think, based on your own relationship/past experiences, is the best thing about having an online relationship?

The best thing about having a relationship online i think would have to be the openess. We are forced to be honest and open about our feelings because they will not be able to pick up on your body language. I also don't take simple things for granted anymore. Walking with Matt through a mall would be as romantic as us sitting down at a nice resturant for dinner. I have to say that our best date wasn't even a date it was us going to the bookstore with his friends and sneaking out the front door and walking down to the pet store to just walk and be alone.

What about the worst (besides the fact that you don't know who's on the other end)?

The worst thing would be the unknown. I may not know the guy on the other end but its also like he could do whatever he wants and i would never know that he was screwing around. I do not like the fact that we are apart for so long and then when we are together we become comfortable and then we are taken from each others arms. When i saw Matt last weekend we spent basically friday afternoon till sunday afternoon with each other. It was a long time to be together and we were so comfortable with each other. I use to hate it when he would stand at the door while i was trying to brush my teeth but this time I am like dude just come in here and do your hair while i finsh up. I got so sick from not eating and he just sat with me in the bathroom while i was throwing up.

If your current relationship didn't work out, do you think you'd try online dating again? Why/why not?

If my relationship didn't work out i am not sure i would try it agian because it has been very tough on me. I wasn't looking for love when Matt came into my life but he did. So i can't say i would do it agian or that i wouldn't cause i don't know what is gonna happen in my life.
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