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So, uh, yeah. I apologize for that last entry. You remember, the one nobody understood. (At the time, I was beaming, and when I'm beaming, I do weird things and think everyone knows what I'm talking about.) Let me give you a recap/update/fyi-type thing.

First of all, this is my formal introduction to the community. Since then, I have broken up with Sam. It wasn't easy, and I almost gave in when he started crying. (The crying is what kept me in that relationship for a year after it expired.) So no more two-timing with my heart! Yay!

Me and Timothy were going to meet at my college graduation, but I've since changed plans. I'm adding another year so I can study abroad as an undergrad, which is still a good idea as of thirty seconds ago. :)

Timothy insists that when I go, I let him take care of my pet turtle.

MegaManDudeGuy: They would begrudge my watching over a tiny, disease-ridden reptile?
MegaManDudeGuy: So cruel.
MicroChicken: They've bonded with him. You haven't. How could you justify it?
MegaManDudeGuy: I wouldn't. I would distract them with a heated debate. Something like Noodles vs Bread. Only more controversial.
MegaManDudeGuy: And then, when they leave the room to regroup?
MegaManDudeGuy: I'd hide it in my pocket.
MicroChicken: That's disgusting.
MicroChicken: I mean, we don't know where your pocket's been.
MicroChicken: And you'd put a defenseless animal in it?
MegaManDudeGuy: I do. And I have a jacket with very large pockets.
MegaManDudeGuy: I've done it, before!
MegaManDudeGuy: They seem to respond well to it.
MicroChicken: You'd wear a jacket at the end of summer?
MegaManDudeGuy: Sure! I get cold, easy.
MegaManDudeGuy: And it's a very cool jacket.
MegaManDudeGuy: I've had a goldfish in my pocket...
MegaManDudeGuy: and... I could put a turtle in my pocket....
MegaManDudeGuy: ... that's pretty much where the list ends.
MicroChicken: And carry him in your pocket all the way back home?
MegaManDudeGuy: No, prolly not. That's just to sneak him away from the wardens of his cell.
MegaManDudeGuy: (That would be your parents.)
MicroChicken: I see.
MegaManDudeGuy: I could swap it out for a different turtle. They'd never have to know.
MicroChicken: And once more, *why* do you want him?
MicroChicken: No!
MicroChicken: They would know!
MegaManDudeGuy: Oh, would they?
MegaManDudeGuy: Okay, then!
MicroChicken: They would!
MegaManDudeGuy: I could get two turtles. Put them and yours in a bowl. Mix 'em around. And they could pick one.
MegaManDudeGuy: They watch that one while you're gone, and I'd keep the real one safe for you.
MicroChicken: You just want my turtle because it's mine.
MegaManDudeGuy: In a nutshell, yeah.
MegaManDudeGuy: And you're leaving me!
MicroChicken: And what, you're keeping my pet hostage because you're afraid I won't come back?
MegaManDudeGuy: I hadn't actually considered that. But, hey! Yeah! It works!
MicroChicken: You're insaaaaaaane!
MegaManDudeGuy: Yeah, well. In my defense?
MegaManDudeGuy: You make me crazy.

I love him. I totally, totally love him. To the point that to jump on him and make love the very first time we meet doesn't actually sound like a bad idea! I mean, I'm going to RUSSIA for a year! Why the hell not.

Oy. I think I'm the insane one.

Well, that's been the update! Happy Sunday. :)
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