Heather (hedder_42) wrote in _online_love_,

Brent is to good to me

It's been a whle since I wrote, so I have alot to say!

Well Brent and I were planning to visit my family in Minnesota for Christmas the weekend of December 17th but we need to use his moms car to go that far because Brent's car doesn't work that well, so he doesn't want to wear and tear it to much, so just the one time moving to Minnesota will be enough for it, and we will be pulling it behind a Uhaul anyways. Ok, back to the story. Brent experienced how upset that I was because it would either be me visiting my family on actual Christmas without Brent, or me not going at all to be with Brent and I wouldnt see anyone in MN and I didnt want that, I wanted to spend it with both Brent and my family and friends in ROchester. ITs not be being selfish, its just that Brent is my new family, and I dont want to spend an important away from him, so I am not just gonna leave him, yes I know I have my other "more important" family but Brent is just important. So when Brent saw how upset I was he decided we were both going to get to go to Rochester, he is going to buy 2 tickets for us boh to take a train to Rochester. He is really excited because he gets to take a train! Hes a dork I know. So the best part is that we get to stay about 4 days! Get to MN about 7 PM on the 15th then leave early morning on the 20th. So it ended up being a good present from Brent, and I dont want him to get me anything else for christmas because this is enouigh, but he will get me something I am sure. Grr

In other news, I have a semi job! One of Teresa's friends needs someone to watch her 5 year old girl all day a few times a week, and she reffered me, and now I am going to start doing that tomirrow! THings are looking up people!

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