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A little something something

This is what happened last night. Cuz my wonderful boyfriend got into town last night (happy dance) anyways this is my entry from last night and some banners I made...11:30 pm----

I just got home...yeah Cliff and his parents got into town about 8 o'clock and I went out with Cliff to eat. Me and mom. :D Cuz his parents ate already. SOOooo...

We went to his motel...and I saw him and I jumped out of the car and into his arms. Wow. It was soo freakin' kewel. I had a big smile on my face. It felt soo good to see him again. Oh wow. KISSES!

Then we went to eat. Mmmm yummy. After we ate, we went around to show Cliff how to get to the apartments and to my house so that he can pick me up in the morning. :D

After that we went to Scenic Drive. We spent some time there. It was soo awesome. I wanted to cry, but didnt. I just had such a wonderful time. And the best part about it...

WE NEVER SAID "GOODBYE". Cuz ya know what? we will see each other day after day, no more byes! YYYEEESSS!!!!

I know its a short entry but I'm tired and yeah. I have the biggest smile on my face right now. I dont know if I can sleep. Oh well I will try though.

Special feelings everywhere!!! Holding hands, kissing, all that.....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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