Heather (hedder_42) wrote in _online_love_,

Moving plans

Brent was thinking and he figured out all his financial things. He figured out, after he pays off 50 bucks more of his bills he owes, he will only have to pay for his phone every month and hes going to give his parents rent money now every month. He's going to save up so he can pay off the rest of his computer bill, then after that we can start saving money to move back to Rochester! So adding up all that and thinking about how much time it will take, we will be back in Rochester in MARCH!! INot sure if it will be the beginning middle or end of the month but March seems like the month to do it. So that has made me happy. I am still trying really hard to get a job, so maybe we can make the savings thing go faster. So I am excited now that we have a potential moving date. I am scared though because I am not sure if all our stuff will fit in his car, I dunno what to do about all our stuf.


Tonite since its a wrasslin night on Halloween I am gonna dress up as Lita, and Brent as Jeff Hardy, so that will be fun.
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