Heather (hedder_42) wrote in _online_love_,

Interview/Love quizzes

Well I had the interview. I think I could have done better but thats just the way I always think about things I do. They said sometime next week they will call me and tell me if I had the job. Its only a seasonal job, but hopefully I will be kept after the season is over.

How serious is your relationship?
You love him, he loves you, you do tons of stuff together, you talk endlessly, you live (happily) together, you go on vacation together. In other words, you're madly in love!

Not already living together? It's probably in your near future. Marriage? A likely possibility, if it's not already the case. It's the kind of situation that will see the family grow.

Since you two met, you have been swimming in happiness. Be careful: in the first year, the relationship is of the merging type (in other words, we're blinded by love: you find him handsome, smart, romantic, considerate, flawless and you agree on everything). In the second year, you retreat into your own space a little ("I am me with my own qualities, faults and desires") and so does he. This is the make or break point, and it sounds like you'll make it.


What kind of lover are you?
Your score indicates that you tend to be a classic romantic - great passion but with dignity. You will always be satisfied with the very best.
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