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Here is the text message my boyfriend just sent to me:

Why do you have to be a bitch at me all the time

what the hell is this shit, what the hell does he want me ot do when he goes out to a concert all night but when I wanna go to a concert by myself he tells me no and that he is going with me. I think thats some fucked up shit. I do nothing all day except go to class and work and come home and clean up a bit and call it a night, how much fun is that. its not fun at all and not only that, he is going to another concert by himself without me cause I can go and I have no way of getting to Boston on time. Its so unfair at times, its like guys can do what they want when they want but it comes to girl wanting to do what she wants, she gets no and that I am coming with you. I'm a little confused by this but I guess it will get answered in due time. I have my new puppy Samson to keep entertained until the weekend when I see Anthony so I guess thats a plus.
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