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none - just whats in my heart and thoughts

As i sit , thinking of you
My direct attention ; our relationship so new
So fast, but loved- my object of one's affections
Truelove may we have, last unchangingly

Vacant my spirit goes, with out your feel your faint breeze of breath on my neck .
Air I go, my Romeo ... I fly to you... my badge of loyalty I give
Never will I say I do not love thou... I worry of your badge of loyalty
Will you fly... fly ever so fast to reach the Juliet of Thain's eye

Fair sea will you not let us past? For our hearts conform into one: Make of our hearts one heart.
Day after day past...our love growing stronger...further we must grow

I hold myself for you,at this point... you are my only love ; you have my love, loyalty, and friendship.
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