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QOTW (^_^!)

1) If you told your family about your relationship, what was their reaction? How did you expect them to react? If you didn't tell them, when do you expect to tell them and what do you think their reaction will be?

|| Well, I only live with my mother- so you can say that she is the whole of my family. Her reaction was more or less how I expected it to be. "You CAN'T trust people online- they can tell you anything." I won't argue with her there, it's true, but Tony and Brian have known my address and phone for three years now. So, s'okay... If I ever feel I can trust my father and step-mother enough to tell them, my dad will have the same reaction. However, my step-mom may be a little more easygoing about it.

2) Aside from this community, do you have any other support? How does this effect your relationship if any?

|| I don't think you could count my mother as support... unfortunately. All she ever does is try to twist things around. She wants me to date people here and "live a normal life". However, my best friend is also in a long distance relationship- met online. (XD With Tony's best friend...) So, she gives me all the support possible. Then at work, my managers and some friends there know, and all of them are always watching over me. Texting and calling (when I tell them he's s'posed to email me or something)- saying- "How's it going?", "So was he upset at you?", & etc. ^^; Not including family, everyone supports me.

3)If you are engaged, or pre engaged, what are the devlopments on that so far? [set date, who is moving where, etc]. If you aren't, have you and your significant other talked about it? How can you see yourself getting engaged? Explain how you would want your wedding done.

|| I'd say I'm pre-engaged. But since I just turned eighteen and we weren't official for all that time, we haven't talked things out like a couple normally has by this time. Now it's just... I know you like me, I know I like you... What the heck are we s'posed to do? x_x; Tony finally found a job in PA and he's fresh out of college- I'll be here for at least the next two years. [We decided that the two years would give us just enough time to decide on things. Not to mention, leaving home is always a sort of struggle - and I don't think I'm ready for the jump from Arkansas to Pennsylvania- so far away from my family. Living on campus is giving me just enough push away from the familiarity of home.] Don't get me wrong- I would die to be able to be with him now- but financially, neither one of us are still strong enough. I'm having enough trouble with college.
|| As for getting engaged & the wedding. . . Engaged- he'll make it romantic, sappy, and it'll take him forever to get the nerve. A wedding? All I know is that I want the majority of both of our families and friends to be there... So, it'll be tough working out a place. (My mother is intent she's never going to PA.) Oi. I love her, but she gives me headaches! x_x;;
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