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Finding out things is soo awesome...

Heylo everyone. Before I post this convo..Yeah I am still stuck on the whole Class Ring thing. Sorry I just cant seem to get over it. It's something special. I asked him last nite what the REAL reason why he is letting me hold his ring. Cuz my mom swears that there is something more to it. So I asked him. It's kind of a long convo so i put it in MY journal...muahahaha.  

N*E*WAYZ...looking back at September 4th, 2004 and then at October 31st, 2004... It makes it hard to believe that we have been together for 9 months now. And it'll be 10 at the end of August. Then perty soon it'll be 1 year. Wow. Never been with someone that long before. And to top that all off, Cliff said he's going to do something real special for our 1 year anniversary. And he wont tell me. I wanna know!! But then again, I dont cuz I love surprises. :D Can't wait!! I cant wait till he is here either. It's taking longer cuz his mother wont order his parts. *rollz eyez* geez. But we will be together soon, very soon. I want him here sooo badly. It'll happen though. Yes it will :D

Cliff and Joanna Always n' Forever!!!

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