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After seeing some recent drama in a few other communities that I'm in, I decided to create an entry which will be put in the userinfo under the rules. Some of these may seem pretty obvious, but when people screw up and complain that it 'wasn't in the rules!' it can cause quite a bit of infamous lj-drama. Under the cut I'll explain the rules on the userinfo and adding a few more.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIf you have a VERY long entry, one large (over 150x150 pixels to play it safe) or many small pictures, or sexual content in your post, it MUST be put under an LJ cut. Long entries and pictures flood friends pages quite a bit. Pictures also take a long while to load on some computers, so if you put an lj-cut tag that says the post contains a few pictures, people are warned ahead of time. Sexual content is not allowed as there are minors (myself included) in this community. However, if you ask questions related to sex, phone sex, cyber sex, or anything else that may be associated with online dating, it's alright. Because these topics are still personal and some people may be uncomfortable reading them, please put them under a cut and remember that this is a public community so anyone can see what you're saying unless you post them as friends only. The MODs have all authority to modify or delete your posts. Forgetting to use a cut once in a while is okay, but if you repeatedly do it you will be banned. If you're unsure how to make a cut, check the userinfo.

Image hosted by Be nice to each other! If you question something someone says or debate a certain topic it's fine, but there are people who go to communities with the sole purpose of harassing another member. Depending on what you say, you can be instantly banned for arguing.

Image hosted by Promotions are neat, that's how we get discovered. Please promote communities in here ONLY if they are for communities related to relationships/online dating/relationship advice, etc. and only once a week. If you have a promotion banner that's over 150x150 pixels, put it under a cut. We change our layout frequently and large picture can mess it up and make it hard to load. First time offenders will be warned, but multiple mistakes may lead to you being banned.

Image hosted by If you join, please put the community on your friends list as well. Some people are great with being active whether it's on their friends list or not, but many times people will post friends only entries. We aren't going to ban you for keeping it off your friends list, but it's so helpful when you do.

Image hosted by THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO COME LOOKING FOR A DATE If you do this, you will be banned instantly. There are plenty of communities out there to post in if you're looking for a relationship, this doesn't happen to be one of them. Most of the members here have significant others and are not looking so it's quite pointless for you to do so.

Image hosted by You do NOT have to be in a relationship to join. There are times when it helps (answering the QOTW for example) but it actually isn't required. If you've been in an online relationship in the past but are not currently, you can still offer loads of support. If you aren't in an online relationship but want to know more about them, we can help you. To join you simply must have an open mind when it comes to them.

Image hosted by Stay active! Activity in a community is obviously what keeps it alive. Regularly participate in the Questions of the Week, post often, and comment to entries as much as you can. Most people post because they want comments, so give it to them!

Image hosted by As I mentioned before, sexual topics are okay. You can say "my boyfriend came up here and we had sex" or something similar, but you may NOT go into detail or show any sexually explicit pictures. I'm 16 years old, and if you break this rule I for one WILL be offended and you will be banned. Got it? Good.

Image hosted by And last but not least, have fun!!! That's the whole point of the community :)

If you have ideas for new rules, comment and I'll add them.
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