dasale05 (dasale05) wrote in _online_love_,

howdy yall. so i have some bad news i guess. it turns out mr prince charming was actually a PRINCESS charming. i have never been so crushed in my entire life. before our wedding, she asked me if i wanted to have sex, and i was very suprised. i thought she was just a "different" looking, feminine man (guess not =[). of course i didnt say yes, i mean did she really think i was a hoe bag? WRONG.. anyways, i guess we got a little carried away, we didnt have sex but i learned a little too much.

we continue to talk online, and sasha, as i learned her name is, is still the love of my life.
maybe internet relationships are meant to stay on teh internet, as now im forgettign about the whole sasha ordeal and still thinkign as if shes my georgy, my one and only man.

im still in love with her/him.. im not relaly sure. but marriage just wasnt the right choice for us. maybe one day we will meet again and maybe the worlds view on gay marriages change we can have our chance.

i love you sasha, im sorry for all this hassle. im still broken hearted for you and ive never cried so much in my life. i dont care for your sex organs, your still the one for me. dont judge a book by its cover, after all...<33333333333333333
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